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gutted wen this review ended
gutted wen this review ended
afunny username
the character mrs doubtfire wasnt actually played by robin williams. it was secretly an unknown scottish actress who's only prior work was as an extra on eastenders. they trolled the world.
Beverly Waits
HUMMM thank you now I know what I'll be watching later on!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍👍👍
Frozen Willow
Apart from number 10, everything else I did not know. I live in Scotland which is part of the UK and Britain has always wanted to control its subjects, namely brits living there and us in Scotland too as we continue to be a part of the UK. In the late 80's I actually had the book from Anne Fine Madame Doubtfire borrowed from the library. It was part of a book publishing company called Puffin. I preferred Roald Dahl though. Did you know that Britain continues to control and censor even more through the state channel the BBC? It's true. My Uncle used to work for them before he retired. He got a copy of Titanic for us which had deleted the steamed up windows scene. That was played like that on the channel because we're too stupid not to notice apparently.
Rebekah Artman
This movie helped me a lot, too, after my parents divorced when I was 13. Writing that letter to Lisa’s school was really kind of Robin; it tells you what kind of man he truly was.
was very touched by this vid you did. several times caught myself with a lump in my throat realizing that Robin Williams will never again give us the wonderful gifts he did. I truly miss him but understand why he left . :(
Chris H
This is the first “things you didn’t know” video where I genuinely didn’t know any of them, good job
Lvl 1 Togepi
That she's a hoe
This is a really good video - the parts with the voiceover.
For the parts where you talk to the camera, you kinda need to work on your delivery, you're extremely awkward and stiff and you look like you're reading from a teleprompter script...
Stephanie Collins
The sexual innuendo lines at the dinner with the new boyfriend are definitely for ages 12 and older. Rumpleforeskin
Laura Mills
I watched this as an 11 year. Laughed as hard!
Neil Wargen
I’m fairly sure Jurassic park came out way before Mrs Doubtfire
Anna Sherosky
I still miss Robin Williams why did he have to commit suicide movies and tv have not been the same without him
Great revisit to my childhood!
Also, Robin Williams didnt go to the Premiere because he thought it would bomb...
I've watched Mrs. Doubtfire so many times I can literally go along with the script word for word lol 😝
Megan Caldwell
Very interesting this is one of my favorite movies with Robin Williams
He wrote the Toronto school for Lisa. That and helped shape my childhood. The sad day he died was when the world mourned the loss of a Legend.
Michael Kolbe
So far the dog piss is working well on my garden
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