The Real Reason Why The 2019 Boston How Good Were The Tracy McGrady 2 days ago   13:52

Legend Of Winning
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JM DelaRosa
Just accept the reality he can't win nba championship without lebron.
Sasuke Hiro
The Raptors won the finals... The east goes through Kawhi as far as I’m concerned. So long as he stays there.
Joshy G
1:30 is nonsense. They swept the Pacers.
Ashish Patel
Take Kyrie of this Squad I feel they could've won the championship.. Statistically, every player besides Kyrie took a step back...Good bye Kyrie, If Horford wants to leave then BYE too
Lol exposing all these pundits hahahha
Nate B
When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was talking about my life, not the Celtics. Guess it applies to both though...
Zernolph El Gath
The Celtics deserves shit for how they treated Isaiah Thomas.
This video is great showing all the stupid wrong analysts LOL. They all talk like they know everything but are always wrong.
Baginda Mora
Imagine listening to cowherd
That subtle Dom2k shot tho
Fon Oberg
Why did so many people think gordon hayward was a superstar
I don’t think I’ve seen a team’s expectations shift so dramatically over such a short period of time as this one in quite a while... maybe when Dwight and Nash went to the Lakers?

People then the future of the East and a few months later are already burying them.

If I was a gm I’d be pretty afraid of Kyrie at this point; he killed the Cavs’ chances of winning again to go “be the man” somewhere else and has managed to wreck an incredibly successful rebuild almost overnight while never stepping up to fill that role.
Fabian Everyday
The NBA fkn sucks, so I'm glad to see a supposed super team fail
Bahrain Super Tune Up Basketball League
Kyrie...Boston is your team...not anyones team...take reign and lead them to higher are are a superstar but still not in the level of kobe lebron wade etc...i'd like to see you become one of stay in boston...recruit another all star if you need to but u cant go out...cuz boston is you and you are boston...
Bahrain Super Tune Up Basketball League
Celtics should trade jalen brown, rozier and smart...kyrie is their franchise player...
anonymous gamers
Can you stop saying the benefit of the doubt
Kazami Yuuji
Successful rebuild? Look at spurs.
Transition from the big 3 to Kawhi to Aldridge. 21 consecutive playoff appearance still holding on. And the future is bright with our youth.
Daniel Curl
The 08 Celtics were the team that got me into basketball. Paul Pierce was my fave player at the time, and I had even said that Kyrie would've been the difference maker in that Cavs series from two playoffs ago. But after all that hype they got this season, and like you said, undeservedly so after they showed again and again they weren't great, I was so happy to see them get smashed by the Bucks!

Edit: just in case it wasn't obvious, I'm not a Celtics fan anymore lol. Not that it matters but I am a diehard Grizz fan.
Chris Miller
Celtics got all good pieces and still can't reach to the NBA Finals. Suck to be Celtics fans
Mike Aylward
Celtics have 3 first round picks this year...
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How Good Were The Tracy McGrady The Real Reason Why The 2019 Boston 2 days ago   13:55

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