Roasting VICE's latest Donbass Estonian Wargames: How NATO is Preparing 1 day ago   48:39

Ukraine War Awareness
This is a 50/50 video of comical sarcasm with facts pointed out that VICE coincidentally forgot to add in or mistranslated. This Video, although containing what I believe to be necessary additional information, isn't as serious as my usual debunking video's.

This channel is back and has 3 other Video's on the line to be uploaded within this week. These video's will include in-depth details of events, both recent and current, as well as a surprise video that I believe all audiences regardless of which stance is taken will enjoy it. Stay Tuned and Subscribe to be updated!

UPDATE: I should have added the report and footage of the Grenade blast. I'm sorry. Here is the report & footage:
Here are 4 more incidents.
- (2016)
- (compilation starting with 2015).
- (2015, with both Svoboda and Right Sector. Both are groups that highly cooperate with each other).
- (2018)


- Zaitseve witness testimonies and footages:
- Battle of Marinka June 2015 Separatist Side:
- Debunking France24's Report from Separatist (Zaitseve) Postions:

VICE's episode "Out of Control: Ukraine's Rogue Militias":


This Channel maintains a neutral stance on all conflicts and does not affiliate with or support any government or faction. Not supporting an organization does not thus mean am in support of another one.

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Adrian Lindauer
These Idiots can Never stop killing...
Nurgles Chosen
The reporter sounds like sassy gay bartender trying his best sound normal.
We r being Replaced
Probably just took any uniforms that was around
You Can buy these German uniforms in any army shop in Germany so it is not vary unlikely for them to have these.
Paul Walker
They employ a big nose ginger liberal to act outraged wherever she goes - great video dissection
Raul Silva
Guy Pierson
VICE is pretty crappy in general, from their aim to their execution, but you, my friend, are the same. If you have a way to fight the russians without dragging every nutty nationalist extremist into the fight please tell me how? Because I am NOT in any way a nationalist of any country, but when it comes time to defend your land against invasion you WILL NOT find a more useful group of people than far right nutters. Sure the guys at the top are corrupt: name a country that isn't like that? And then watching you catch YOURSELF at 17 minutes in, where you clearly forget how timelines work and spout utter bollocks for a little while.... come on mate, it's very easy to point out the problems with things, do you have a solution? Stop being part of the problem.
As a german it is really weird to see a nationalist militia officer call themselves anarchist
anarchy is the exact opposite of what nationalists in germany want and i never even thought that the two ideologies could be combined
Denis Bessmertny
3:53 - we would form all direction defense and then we will see how long they can last. There is not world about "we would destroy them".
7:18 Actually yes, Russia did not wake up one day and said lets send the arm forces. This operation was preparing for at least 6 years may be more. All the corruption and army degradation, all the sold out politics, well now we see the reason why it was happening for so long, to make Ukraine weak and use opportunity to grab lands. So now russians got big chunk of land to control Ukraine airspace and black sea, a long with having buffer zone on the east and holding Crimea relatively safe.

Guess whats next.
Flynn Lives cmd
Vice was alright at first and then i payed attention and noticed they lean to a side HARRRD now.
The fake ass edited and clipped Jordan Peterson interview blew my mind. Why and how are corporations and media outlets allowed to do this. Good riddance dumbass society for allowing this none the less throwing money at them.
Random Gaming
enjoying ur maidan "revolution"? lol retards
Konrad Pałucki
Oplot is a nice tank, what a pity it's incapable of penetrating russian tanks from the front at point blank range xD
Pat Budnick
Vice has NO journalists. Just agenda pushers. Take one look at their staff.
Andy MMM
More sanctions for Russia!!!
I hate how people are making the same mistake every century not looking at history. You always need to have the most balanced opinion on things. After that, if it is still considered bad/evil then its good to condemn it. Its crazy how lots of uneducated people just place everything into only two different baskets. The problem is there is thousands of baskets.
R6Mute Main
I'm still tring to find out who the good guys are
The Russians don’t belong in Ukraine. That much is simple. Vice is going to slant things, sure. But, we’re lucky that anyone is covering it at all. I’m glad to know of channels like yours. And, I’m just tired of people apologizing for the Russians.
Vice is shi*
keith hopkins
What YOU fail to mention is that if Russian backed forces or " separatists" as you like to call had not stolen parts of Ukraine, none of this would have even happened! Sláva Ukrajina.
Schaih Mansur
Yeeh you're right, fuck Putins Russia and Eastern Ukraine.
It is so,"it's not like Russia one day woke up..." Whatch interview of Djohar Dudaev. Eveything he warned the world of right now happens. Fuck you, fuck russia and fuck vice news.
Better the right wing in Ukraine then the russian Federation.
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Estonian Wargames: How NATO is Preparing Roasting VICE's latest Donbass 1 day ago   28:07

NATO is preparing Estonia for potential war with Russia by beefing up the country's cyber security and conducting rigorous military drills. But as Foreign Correspondent reporter Eric Campbell discovers, NATO is more a provocateur in the eyes of many ethnic Russians, who make up a quarter of Estonia’s population. Subscribe to Journeyman here:

Since gaining independence in 1991, Estonia has seen huge economic and technological advances. But underlying its prosperity is renewed concern about Russian occupation, 25 years after the end of the Soviet Union.

"If you don’t want a war, prepare for a war", says Kirsten, one of thousands of reservists who signed up after Russia annexed Crimea. The setting of NATO's annual war games, Estonia has become symbolic of the growing divide between Russia and the West. Yet for many Estonians, the threat from Russia feels local and real, as Kirsten's friend Maria explains: "Russia is next door to Estonia, so then I thought, 'why not come to protect like our family or country or nation'".

These two women are not old enough to remember the days of Soviet occupation, but many do. "I remember the Soviet times. I remember the Soviet Army and I don’t want that back", Kaupo Karuse explains, "most of the world doesn’t understand the cost of freedom". Professionally, Kaupo is a software consultant, a member of Estonia's thriving computing and tech economy.

As well as preparing militarily, Estonia is pushing cyber defence to the limit after suffering cyber attacks - which many blamed on Russia. However, Estonia's Russian community play down any tension, as Vladimir Cherdakov says, "if anyone says that Russia is a provocateur, I don’t believe it".

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ABC Foreign Correspondent – Ref. 7144

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