Roasting VICE's latest Donbass BBC "War Feels Like War" 1 day ago   48:39

Ukraine War Awareness

This is a 50/50 video of comical sarcasm with facts pointed out that VICE coincidentally forgot to add in or mistranslated. This Video, although containing what I believe to be necessary additional information, isn't as serious as my usual debunking video's.

UPDATE: I should have added the report and footage of the Grenade blast. I'm sorry. Here is the report & footage:
Here are 4 more incidents.
- (2016)
- (compilation starting with 2015).
- (2015, with both Svoboda and Right Sector. Both are groups that highly cooperate with each other).
- (2018)

- Zaitseve witness testimonies and footages:
- Battle of Marinka June 2015 Separatist Side:
- Debunking France24's Report from Separatist (Zaitseve) Postions:

VICE's episode "Out of Control: Ukraine's Rogue Militias":

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The Kameleon
Vice has become propoganda
Chief Advisor
Potentially dangerous* lol any one with a gun with the intent to harm is dangerous.
Baruc Villanueva
Vice used to be news, until HBO bought them out
psychiatry is eugenics
white Europeans killing each other , sos sad
Joy division 0
VICE is pretty fair as far reporting facts. They are radical liberal and that don't sit with me. Now I understand when you say you love your country and compare yourself to democrat in US hating conservatives. Well good try but not gonna fly with me. OK nationalists are bullies and I don't side with them but separatists and all of their army is nationalist and VERY CONSERVATIVE AND CLOSED-MINDED. You're definitely pro-separatist russian brown-nosing bitch yet you have some agenda I don't know about that you have to live in Ukraine. It could be a WOMAN most of the time it is or you have land and property on Ukrainian side. SO ... blow me and your bullshit propaganda. You can bullshit your countryman but not me. Anyway all people who support your ass are separatists and russian brown-nosing cock suckers.
Steve Arthur
18:08 "I need freedom".....Freedom from what? You *volunteered* to fight in a war *oppressing* tour own countrymen!
Leanne Santiago
This is vey informative. You got a new sub buddy!
Kurt Ingalls
Isn't ole' Vicky Nuland involved somewhere here(Ahem.....Hilary Clinton) :-)
Mischu Wischu
Ukrainians had fought since the end of WW1 for Independence from Russia. How could someone really think that Ukraine is at fault in this conflict. Would you like the Russians to poke you around and call you theirs all the time? It is their country and it is their right to fight for their countries integrity. Would Russia just give up, if some people declared their independence? I guess not, if I remember Dagestan or Chechen correctly. But behold, if some former russian colony tries to do that! :D
Clinton Barbee
Sorry Obama sold you out.
Clinton Barbee
Do you know why they are buying equipment for the National Guard? Do you know why Russia had the balls to take Crimea. did you know that the Ukraine at one time was the 3rd largest nuclear power? Have you heard of the Budapest memorandum?
Clinton Barbee
Russia has kill bots set up. They are not sophisticated like the Terminator. They are remote controlled and motion sensored. They are killing Uk at an alarming rate. It's not pretty Russia will soon take all of Ukraine.
and the reason that the "sepratists" havent claimed any new territory since 2015 is because they are the ONLY side that is honoring the minsk agreements. tho the fascists shell them constantly the sepratists are not allowed and do not shell back. they only use small arms. thats clear that kiev are a bunch of chickenshit cowards.ебать тебе Київ
get some
Problem is vice is democratic propaganda "news"
SurPlus ж
*look at this*

literally a abunch of criminal gang taking city whit violence.

and we MUST remains *the Odessa massacre* .
Thanks for the commentary
GS Auto
Vice is USA democrat party propaganda.
War mongers💯
id love to see more vids like this. i never knew jack squat about vice news until i started to educate mysellf on the whole donbass debacle. and after watching vice and simons bullshit, it made me sick. you can bet pretty much everything that was said about donbass or the "terrorists" was all wrong or blatantly made up. even the way that bitch simon speaks about even the civilians is derogatory and disgusting. even he looks at them as sub humans. simon deserves to visit an isis camp.
i love these kind of videos where someonecan actually put the dialog into context because people dont realize how much gets lost in translation and if youre totally bilingual it would be easy to pick and choose the words and translate it technically correctly but put it into whatever context they want. that, and shit, most of us have no clue who these people are or what has led up to this story
Vice news is shit
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BBC "War Feels Like War" Roasting VICE's latest Donbass 1 day ago   58:46

"This might the first documentary to show the reality of modern war without bias" - The Guardian.

WAR FEELS LIKE WAR is not a political story but a humane one. It is not a film about the Iraq War, but about war. It is not just about journalists, but about human beings.

The film doesn't represent necessarily the opinions of the BBC as a corporation but it was commissioned and helped finalised by BBC Storyville on my return from Iraq. It was then shown too in PBS America, CBC, and other countries around the world.

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