Dave Chappelle WRECKS Rotten Joe Rogan on What It's Like 2 days ago   06:58

The Amazing Lucas
Dave Chappelle WRECKS Rotten Tomatoes

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Dave Chappelle's Sticks and Stones Netflix special is absolutely destroying on Rotten Tomatoes despite what the critics have to say.

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The Amazing Lucas
You mean the majority of people who saw Sticks and Stones enjoyed it and majority of the critics didn't? Shocker. People are tired of the PC culture and being labeled as Nazis or some type of phobe.
LGBT shirt: teespring.com/stores/theamazinglucas
Third World Problem
Oh my God. that's a great t-shirt!
Deborah D
Let me start by saying I’m a queer woc, and I found Dave Chappelle special super funny (watched it 3 times Lolol)
I understand where people are coming from when they dislike cancel culture. However I think we need hold people accountable for the mistakes they make with space for growth! We all make mistakes and I think we need to foster a space that lets you know when you fuck up and hopes you grow from it instead of hoping you disappear
Dave Chappelle is BRILLIANT!!! I feel like he treaded the lines well enough, he was careful and at the same time unapologetically himself lol i was worried a couple of times, but he always reigned it in just in time. he's f*&ing AMAZING!!!
Alex Gutierrez
I just subscribed because you're not one of these closed minded liberals
Alex Gutierrez
protest buzzfeed and rotten tomatoes. Google has audience rating for movies
I fucking laughed like a crazy during the entire show this shit was very fun !
Rotten Tomatoes just found 10 LGBTQ critics to rate the special and of course they all are gonna be butt hurt cause dave is making them the butt of funny jokes.

This just tells me there are alot of heterosexual critics that loved the show to but they have protect their jobs so they cant comment on how funny it was or be purely critical of it.

Feminists and the LGBTQ community always wanna find issues with everything or anyone of prominent notarity so they can scream out DISCRIMINATION for personal and financial gain.

Activism or social justice is nothing more than create controversy for cash or favors mentality.
He is hilarious. Rotten tomatoes can suck balls.
The guy is just crazy talented. I cant wait till his specials drop on Netflix. Love the T man!!
They loves his special because they didn't listen to what he was saying watch it again pay attention i bet u wont love it anymore.
I loved it He did his thing!! With humor and subliminals Dave is amazing of telling the truth.
cosmin Feier
ok, since when the movie critics get to say anything about a stand-up act?
Are you South African or African. Your mannerisms
TooHi Chris
Chappelle isn’t President and Trump isn’t a Comedian, stay in your lane...
if critics like it they get trashed by their own kind, if they hate it they get trashed by everyone else, so it’s better to not review it.
Sad Muaz
God forbid? God forbids LGBT and ur whering t shirt cc
Black vegeta
only thing I'm going to say I'm going to tell you what my grandmother told me you men will never be a woman regardless of the clip clip
Mindy Cao
I for one regret watching this special because now I want MORE of DAVE CHAPPELLE!!! Dave is a legend!!! Love love him!!!
Affluent Imaginings
"You just got butt-hurt." I see what you did there, Pimpin!
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Joe Rogan on What It's Like Dave Chappelle WRECKS Rotten 2 days ago   06:47

Taken from JRE #74 w/Brendan Schaub:

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