What's hidden under the Greenland The Deepest Dive in Antarctica Reveals 1 day ago   09:02

The Greenland ice sheet is massive, mysterious -- and melting. Using advanced technology, scientists are revealing its secrets for the first time, and what they've found is amazing: hidden under the ice sheet is a vast aquifer that holds a Lake Tahoe-sized volume of water from the summer melt. Does this water stay there, or does it find its way out to the ocean and contribute to global sea level rise? Join glaciologist Kristin Poinar for a trip to this frozen, forgotten land to find out.

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Steven Cooper
WOW ! she's so sexy, I just don't care anymore 😸
What's hidden under the Greenland ice sheet?....um....GREEN LAND?
max bootstrap
AGW is a lie. So-called "climate change" is a lie. Her claim they know how much sea level will rise is a lie. Furthermore, if CO2 rises to 1000ppm, that is a huge positive. And if the average temperature rises 1 or 2 degrees C, that is a huge positive. CO2 and temperature have been *MUCH* higher than those numbers in the past history of earth, and that was *NOT* due to humans or aliens driving cars and operating factories. Every sane human wants pollution reduced or eliminated to as great an extent as practical. But CO2 is not pollution, CO2 is *plant food.* And plants are animal food and human food. And warmer temperature also helps plants and animals survive and prosper, and most especially human animals. The whole AGW and climate change hysteria is possibly the biggest lie in the history of human kind... after the most enormous and destructive lie, which is the inherent fiction "authority" (of one human or some humans over others), including all the other fictions that depend on the inherent fiction called "authority" (most especially "government"). The term "governments" is pure fiction, and has zero reality whatsoever (beyond, perhaps, a "name" for the most powerful and destructive human predators in a given region).

Humans are dumber than rocks.
Humans are a failed species.
Humans are doomed.
And good riddens!
Greenland belongs to the natives, stop looking for gold,oil,and other values every time mankind embarks on such thing it will end in disaster. not to mention nuclear weapons 68 Thule case that where under ice due to US goverment playing god.
Scott Stewart
Very nice sermon, now pass the plate and collect the donations; or cap and tax. Start with the United States, please what ever you do, make sure you do not mention solar activity; we must make this a man Made disaster, so as to inject guilt and foreboding into the masses thus allowing for greater control. Please do not mention that global warming and cooling have been going on for millions of years; before mankind, America, and the industrial revolution. What ever you do, don't blow it-this is a great gig!
John Scroggs
Fill your bath tub with huge block of ice that dits on the bottom and sticks out 2 foot higher than the rim. Then fill tub full to the rim. Wait for all ice to melt. Amazing how bathroom isn't flooded and somehow tub isn't even full. Less ice can never,ever equate to higher sea levels.
Craig Kirkland
Samthegreek Boy
So what does she want? if its anything more than a cookie she can forget it.
Greenland maybe...
Philip Turner
Our understanding of sea level rise ???????????????????????????????????Man driven global warming is a hoax for a start
Ed Mudd
she is propagating a lie
Which political motivation is at play here? "World is going under and only way to save it is to relinquish more of your savings to those who paid her to give this speech"?
matthew waddingham
This is a lie. NASA satellites say Greenland has a net gain of 30-150 gigatons and Antarctica has a net gain of 50-200 gigatons per year.

Greenland ice sheets would melt completely if it warmed 3degrees farenheit.

Do the math, thats 37.4 degrees farenheit. of course the ice sheets would melt completely.

Even the provenly fraudulent report by the ipcc (the report they publicly apologized for) says that at the most the world will rise 3-6 degrees farenheit in the next 100 years. Far from the 37.4 percent required to melt all the ice on the poles.

Not only that, but u.s. emissions are going down, despite leaving the Paris Accord, while Russia and China have no obligation to BEGIN placing policies to curb their emissions. While we payed for 60% of the Paris Accord.

Why is it they want u to quit burning gasoline, but they're letting China and Russia emit as much co2 as they want.

They are trying to take our energy Independence and make us week. They want us to give up the greatest system that has brought more people out of poverty and misery than any before it (including in countries around the world).

They are brainwashing u. Please, do the independent research and connect the dots before our great masterpiece of civilization is destroyed and raped.
Jim Davis
These people are basically trying to get public opinion to think they must be well funded, but the reality is we don't need her doing anything, the ice is slowly melting, OMG we must gather data. Only problem with global warming is it is not warming but cooling. But, oh they can explain that too. We don't need a degree to know that climate changes. If CO2 is rising and temps are rising that is a really great thing for our planet. Imagine the crops we can grow, all plantlife will benefit. The earth will be greener, there'll be more food. But right now we have just enjoyed the longer ski season on record. Oh cry me a river.
Alex R
I’d do her
Heli Mark
OH , Why is green land called greenland?
because it was almost ice free when the vikings lived there thousands of years ago.
Heli Mark
My first question is ;What is the temperature of the bedrock?
because if like the rest of the world the lower you go the hotter it gets then the water under the ice is not surface melt trickling down but the reverse .
It is the Ice coming in contact with hot rock and staying as water due to heat rising from the earths crust .Think past the obvious!
Mike Owen
incremental loss now - is there an unknown point where loss becomes exponential ?
James Milligan
I thought that Al Gore predicted that by now, 2019, all the coastal cities would be under 3 feet of water.
James Lucarelli
So basically the models are a new tool to determine how glaciers move and how much water is being added to the ocean that may or may not cause a dramatic rise in sea level. How about the snow pack from precipitation, that removes water from the oceans, and replenishes the glacier, Isn't this a cyclic process that feeds the glaciers and makes them increase in mass?. Do the models take this into consideration and how much does the removal of water from evapotranspiration counteract the glacial meltwater added to the oceans?
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The Deepest Dive in Antarctica Reveals What's hidden under the Greenland 1 day ago   05:10


No one really knows what’s in the deep ocean in Antarctica. Now we have the technology to reach into the ocean depths, we accompanied scientist and deep-sea explorer Jon Copley and became the first to descend to 1000 meters underwater in Antarctica for Blue Planet II. The exotic creatures we found there will astonish you.

This video is a part of Our Blue Planet, a joint venture between OceanX and BBC Earth to get people talking about the ocean. Join the conversation on Twitter: @OurBluePlanet.

#oceanx #alucia #antarctica #submarines

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