Iran EXPOSED ‘Uninspected’ secret Iran Showcases Domestic Fighter 2 days ago   04:44

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Iran EXPOSED ‘Uninspected’ secret nuclear sites REVEALED, sparking World War 3 fears Thank you for watching.
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Akbar Ali
It's only western hypocrite countries propaganda fake news long live great Iran
Universal Law
Saudi Arabia will need to get there own nuclear weapons now and aim them at Tehran on a hair trigger...But don't worry, i don't think Saudi Arabia will shoot first.....Maybe the crown prince will..
Steven Stewart
He is making enough missal too take America of the map that will be there present for there god
Steve Mitchell
Thanks Obama...
Louis Caruana
Well done great Iran...The only nation who stood up to the scum urine bags....If need arise....Raze the Zion State.....
Ioannis Kapelle
How about USA gets some military to Iran and beat the crap out of them
william HEACOCK
Who gives A shit we all know the end of the world will come soon with all this EVIL by are Governments they are the CROOKS and trouble makers
Raymond Sarvarian
If Iran , if Iran , if Iran has nuclear weapons or working on it to produce. GOOD FOR THEME. Hopefully they have more nukes then Israel has.
Adam Johnson
lol, oh Iran= the weird kid that trys too hard for the cute girl in life...but looks insecure and needy in the process. :/
Universal Law
Iran is planning Nuke the USA and Israel in an all mighty powerful launch of dozens of ICBM,s.....Saudi Arabia need nukes now too....Israel have 10 mega ton nukes to retaliate...
Sun Kem
If that is so, does Iran not have the right to have whatever it takes to defend it's self as a sovereign nation?
Dennis Swanson
Israel will fight to the last US soldier.
steven chambers
this channel is a trump and Israel propaganda channel to start a war against Iran
kwame T
This is fake news and computer automated voice. Please stop spreading lies and misleading uninformed citizens of the world.
Jack Lum
horay iran good on you
Виктор Рамазанов
Im sure that information came from the same source as the intelligence about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq right? And you idiots are buying into that shit again? Whoever believe this fake propaganda is the dumbest of the dumb brain washed sheep..
Humanities died long time ago freedom
stop propaganda and warmonger,, totally fake news,, fight for peace..
Dawn Cunningham
Bet there next door to the rug .shop
Виктор Рамазанов
Iran signed the non nuclear proliferation treaty, why did Israel refuse to sign it?🤔🤔🤔 Israel has an undeclared nuclear, chemical and biological weapons program, that is the fucking hypocrisy and double standard.
Amadou bojang
Long live Iran irgc
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Iran Showcases Domestic Fighter Iran EXPOSED ‘Uninspected’ secret 2 days ago   10:23

Following the unveiling of the Iranian Air Force's Kowsar twin engine light fighter in August 2018, and the initiation of mass production of the aircraft three months later, the Iranian military has announced its readiness to export the combat platform to friendly states.
So Who Might Buy the Kowsar?

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