Electric Rat Trap | The results of the 50.000 Amazing 10 Mice in Trapped 🐀 1 day ago   10:06

House Mice
This video i diy rat trap with Taser 50.000 volts. Now are you watching and wait....
A way to trap a simple mouse without scaring or hurting them,After catching the mouse we take away our whereabouts so that the mice are free
As you recognize, rats board teams and like to measure next to individuals to search out food and a secure home, particularly in extremely inhabited areas. Rats will eat your food, cause severe injury, and transmit diseases. Let’s speak however you'll build a rat lure.
A lot of individuals ar suspicious of whether or not home rat traps can very work or not. Anyway, the truth of the case is that if you create them properly. conjointly place them within the right areas of your home wherever there's high population of rodents. it's generally unclear why originally designed gnawing animal traps might not work to rid of you of rats whereas do-it-yourself ones can work with success, however it happens.

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mimo mimo
audaz rbn
No funciona la chingadera
Lantern Apocalypse
50k volts not enough, need more than double that to instagib them. Or just AMP IT UP!!! Anyway, the problem is if Pikachu shows up, this won't stop him; it will only make him stronger!!!
Lantern Apocalypse
I tried slowing this video down to 50% and 25% and the audio was still impossible to understand :( The video is sped up 2x so 50% at least makes the video play at regular speed, kinda neat.
no rat comes into my house without getting tased
Google User*
This device needs two tall panels to block the rats from jumping out.
Aziz aziz
One day i were shooting rats with air rifle the day after i saved one rat that was trapt, is that mean im a pussy?!
Os!an Bayyal
Ulan it günah günah
nikooo z
9:50 real EDM dance!!!
1.21 Gigawatts
“Oh my god how come you didn’t let those rats invade your house! You’re cruel!” -average comment
Slashed Nutts
Is it ok to get twinges when watching mice getting zapped??
Dustin Eward
Note: Electric mice can jump further.
FlipMeh Boi
Just straight up electrocute them, it'll be nice.
jose carocca
🐀 Rats bastards
jose carocca
daniel wang
i must be very bored to watch these rats be electricuted
Wiki Mc
That was Shocking
Abel Hernandez
Can anyone else hear the scary whispering at 5:00???if you listen real close you can hear like a demon voice whispering
لمبرغيني الحسا
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Amazing 10 Mice in Trapped 🐀 Electric Rat Trap | The results of the 50.000 1 day ago   07:35

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