Game Theory: Kirby...Dream Land's Game Theory: Fortnite is Stealing...AGAIN!?! 2 days ago   19:21

The Game Theorists
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Kirby is the lovable gumball that is all about friendship and saving the world. Except, he isn't. In fact I don't think Kirby cares about any of that at all! Theorists, I went back through all of the Kirby games and I started to notice that Kirby... wasn't all that heroic. He doesn't care about ANYONE or ANYTHING but himself. Don't believe me? Well, I'm about to fill you up with so much proof, you'll wish you had an appetite like Kirby!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Louis Garza
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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The Game Theorists
A few thoughts...

Kirby as a child: In Dream Land 1, it's established via the manual that he's "a little boy." Sure. I get that. But it doesn't change the fact that he's still a threat to Dream Land. For him to be SO powerful and SO naive is a dangerous combination. Notice in the script I never call him evil. I don't think he has ill-intent. Just because I say he's a villain doesn't mean that he's evil or has bad intentions. I mean it as he's a THREAT. That said, I've changed the title to avoid confusion.

Regarding Dyna Blade: Him helping the children after the scene I showed doesn't change the point -- he beat up someone BEFORE learning the whole story, like I tried to make clear in the script. Seeing that scene, he beats up the mom, THEN sees the kids, gives the screen a "cha-ching" gesture and steals them away, feeds them and teaches them to fly...stuff the MOTHER should be doing but can't because she was injured. I get it: Dyna "forgives" him in Revenge of Meta Knight...the same way Landia does in Return to Dream Land, but I see that more as plot convenience because Kirby is the "good guy," or them realizing they have to fight the "true" evil. But think about Kirby;s ACTIONS...if someone just came up to you and started beating you up for no apparent cause, would YOU forgive the person? See them as a hero? Probably not. And don't forget that EVERYONE he fights along the way is in NO WAY connected to the battle between him and Dyna...they're innocents caught in the middle.

Kirby's Avalanche: In both Epic Yarn and the original Kirby's Dream Land manual (those are the ones I can think of offhand, but there might be more), Kirby actually speaks English...or something that translates to English, so I think comments throwing these lines out as invalid might be premature. Yes, the game is non-canon, which I acknowledge, but the idea that Kirby ONLY speaks "poyo" isn't necessarily true...or it can be assumed that ALL of Avalanche's lines are translated poyo.

And yes, I know Avalanche is a version of puyo was a joke. Obviously it's not a Candy Crush mod since, if nothing else, Candy Crush came DECADES later.

Kirby as a God of Destruction: That's in part 2 :)

I think that's all the major concerns I'm seeing in the comments. Like I said, I don't think he's intentionally villainous. He's a neutral agent of chaos who gets pointed in a direction and just GOES. But when you look at his actions in the games I call out, a lot of times he's doing more harm than good. Does he do good? Absolutely. But he's still a threat.
Then if he will do anything until completion can he get me a girlfriend
You think that KIRBYS bad?

Oh my dear matpat you CLEARLY don't know about Chef Kawasaki.
He cooks people ALIVE that includes Kirby and well anyone.
It even says in his original bio
" he doesn't actually use his equipment for cooking instead he actually finds them good for combat"
FOR COMBAT just remember that he COOKS PEOPLE ALIVE and this is in a game about a cute pink ball that likes to consume everything.
Yeah. He cooks people alive.I don't know about you but that sounds pretty dark in messed up to me.
Sutol 420
The lesson of the story: don't ever EVER steal Kirbys cake
Jonathan L
He has a gun..A GUN
jacky _let's play
You forgot hes an ameba
Sans gamer6882
Besides did Meta Knight say that kirdy is a child s,that Kirby can't speak Kirby can't think right just think about it a one year old doesn't know what to do that's how it is Meta Knight Wordsworth clear to everyone he still young he wasn't supposed to come to he whoever he is rental 3000 or million trillion why don't know years
Puppy love pals
Kirby is a boy get it right bro
izshipp gamer
kirby is terorist hitman alien
I’m excited for part 2
HermoNinny *
If Kirby didn’t replace the fricking star rod there would be no good dreams only nightmares he left it better than he found it
Paxton Keskitalo
I mean in smash bros he's nickname is the pink demon
Liam !84488282
I'm starting to think the real theory is if Miyamoto is an asshole and owns Sakurai as a slave imprisoned in Nintendo's basement.
Liam !84488282
I'm amazed Bill Cipher hasn't been a final boss in Kirby yet. Also why doesn't Kirby just open up a bakery if he just wants to sit around and eat sweets instead of terrorizing Dreamland?
circus baby
mat pat what if kirby just has ad hd a brain thing that DOSENT MAKE YOU THINK SRTAIGH AND NOT PLAN AHEAD OFTEN!!!!! AKA KIRBYS "BEHAVIOR"
This is your best theory probably. Cant believe no one thought about this.
Rebecca Ortju
I feel like you went too far in this video
nuca gaxokidze
We're is the second episode
Maria Alejandra
Co55 09
Mat:He is not a hero he is not a villain
Me: he is chill

Only flamingo viewers will get it

The meme.only me who watches Albert and mat
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Game Theory: Fortnite is Stealing...AGAIN!?! Game Theory: Kirby...Dream Land's 2 days ago   14:56

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Editors: Dan Seibert, Daniel Keristoufi
Writer: Matthew Patrick
Legal Consult: Justin Petersen & friends

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