🇮🇶 Baghdad’s 'Green Zone' فوق السلطة - ابن سلمان 1 day ago   02:54

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Getting around Baghdad will be a bit easier for everyone these days now that the International Zone is being handed over to Iraqi police.

The heavily fortified Zone has been a symbol of insecurity for years.

Now, security forces are effectively declaring the Iraqi capital safe by removing the checkpoints and barriers.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports.

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throw AMERICANS milltary base out of country then their will be peace
Paul Williams
Great news....Get the cabinet in place and reinstate their currecy
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
Iraqi people should be in charge not by white men.
Scott Ewing
The neocons never should have invaded in the first place.

What a disgusting waste of human life and money.
poot play
Hi There
Good... I wish the Iraqis further Good luck.
Rob Ek
Saad maan strikes again. Chin up mate
Take the US and other evil forces out of your country once and for all. And the EU is not friends to Iraqis they are so much as a cancer as the US is.
Go home you dirty tramps you American army skum bags
Swapan Zameen
Wasn't here Saddam hanged?
Here's hoping it truly is safe. Best of luck, 🇮🇶.
Remove the US bases in Iraq and all the problems will be solved
As an American who was there a dozen years ago, I am glad to see the Iraqis in control of their country. Politicians make a mess of every country.
Francisco Toscano
Good take control of your country
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فوق السلطة - ابن سلمان 🇮🇶 Baghdad’s 'Green Zone' 1 day ago   25:09

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