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Rebecca Zamolo
After Rebecca Zamolo and Stephen Sharer played last to spill wins on worlds biggest slide and found Game Master hidden clues. Matt and Rebecca uploaded don’t pop the wrong balloon from 45ft. Our cameraman Daniel gave us clues to help us unlock the lockbox while searching for the event date in Hawaii. We trust Daniel is helping us after he revealed he was a spy for the GM Network in a lie detector test and used his hacker skills to uncover secret Quadrant information. The siblings (not twins) Stephen and his sister Grace can’t know what’s going on while we play fun island adventure challenges at the safe house. Were the drones we saw while doing spy ninja training spying on us for the Quadrant?

▶ Last Game Master secret hidden riddle to solve:
▶ New GM Network video to help us using the coder!

After S & R completed the ninja training obstacle course they received a mysterious gift drop from the GM with a secret note to open the letter first before doing an unboxing. Once they read the mystery note they discovered that there was someone in the backyard doing a switch up on the inflatable slide. Could this be a member of the quadrant in real life? Hopefully we don’t have to do a 24 hour overnight battle royale again at 3am. Once it was safe they explored the area and competed in all of the challenges to win the iPhone X. One of the cameras uncovered the gamemaster spy who is the RZ twin watching Rebecca when she was completing the fun adventure. Who do you think will win? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Stephen Sharer
We need to find out the code on the Coconut 🥥 that fell in my video in order to unlock the iPhone 📱 *Do you remember what it is?!*
Khalid Abdullah
the is 3962
Livvy Donlin
Livvy Donlin
Livvy Donlin
Charissa Kartodikromo
Dieynaba Diallo
angel Wilson
angel Wilson
ruby harvey
the code was 3962
Lisa Malia
Lisa Malia
I saw rz twin at 10:07
Jasmine Alvarez
Aric Garcia
Aric Garcia
Rebecca wins
Ruth Garlick
The I ok home is the quadrant
Jada Franseen
Rebeca Steven
Kiera Chan
I love your video A
Lucille McCalmont
im in the ZamFam spy squad
How would we know who's phone that is😒
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Pretend Toy Cafe Hires Roller LAST TO DROP Wins iPhone 1 day ago   15:53

Addy and Maya accidentally broke their mom's reading lamp so now they have to earn money to buy a new one! It's a good thing that the pretend Toy Cafe owner Lulu is hiring new roller skating waitresses. But wait! The silly kids don't know how to skate! And the silly restaurant is about to get super busy with new customers. This could be trouble. Will the girls be able to make enough extra money to pay for a new lamp? You'll have to watch to find out!

Music credits:
You move Me by Matt Wigton
Dovely by Adrian Walther
Clown Castle by Cast of Characters
Function by Bright SEed
Kids Who Dance by Fantoms
Star Light by Matt Wigton
Dog Days by Isaac Joel
Hysterical by Strength to Last
Love's pursuit by IDOLS
Shine by OBOY
Find That Groove by Bright Seed
Duplex Party by Funday
Escape by OBOY
Surf Fever '62 by Aaron Tosti
Funky Super Mall by Cast of Characters
Sometimes Neon by Matt Wigton
Alone by PALA
Uber Dub by Matt Wigton
Ravin' by Yung Koolade
Alive and Free by Nitro
To the Races by Fantoms
Night Light Matt Wigton
Coconut Island by Cast of Characters
Coming by OBOY
Wise Guys by Dresden, the Flamingo

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