Rescued puppy beside Dumpster Rescue Poor Abandoned Puppy 2 days ago   05:35

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac
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So many animals thrown in the trash that are never found. Died alone and scared. Why do monsters exist. They must really hate who they are.
Little guy doesn't seem to know he's supposed to like people. No tail wagging, no response at all to the presence of the man.
Dipika Sarma
So y all
ellioshie m
Oscar is so beautiful and priceless.
Karma to whoever abandoned Him.
Patti Clark
Can idobt oscar
shilpa kolekar
M proud of you dear
opuiop uiopuiopuop
rescued ??? stolen !
Vincent Šín
Fuck the people who do this for real, hopefully karma will do its job
Annamaria Beneventi
Siete molto più bravi a girare video che aiutare un cucciolo in difficoltà! Complimenti x la regia e "l'obbiettivita' " cercate di essere più solleciti,x piacere! E non spettacolarizzate una bestiola che soffre,anche se a fine di bene!
Mike Williams
People are the animals 4 leg animals are good
Alfredo Ibarra
I do'nt know looks fake
Sandra Perez
Carita e inocente lindo gracias por salvarlo
Rakesh Sareen
Good job
I’m a tough dude but god he’s so freakin cute. The cute overload is unbearable! I want him!
هدى الهدى
ruhi samani
God hes adorable.
am happy he was found.
Cida Liberato
Tão lindo.Covardia
Animal não e brinquedo, e digno de respeito pq é um ser vivo.Absurdo.
Айзура Турлыбаева
God bless you for what you do for poor animals. WHO can dump such an innocent puppy ??? I can't adopt him - but I did send you a small donation today. It is the second one - the first one you got after I watched the rescue of SNOWY. And last night I saw on Facebook how you helped a poor black dog mom and her five puppies vegetating in an abandoned house and decided to support you again. I hope a lot of people watching your films will do this also. It is so easy with PayPal...
Mariangela Lausi
Que amor!!!Como ele é lindo!!!!♥️
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Rescue Poor Abandoned Puppy Rescued puppy beside Dumpster 2 days ago   04:01


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