Rescued puppy beside Dumpster Special Father's Day rescue with 2 days ago   05:35

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia
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So many animals thrown in the trash that are never found. Died alone and scared. Why do monsters exist. They must really hate who they are.
Manjula Mn
Look at the innocence on his face.
4:40 how cute is dog! He eats a little a little. So cute. He makes me remember my puppies who live in the countryside with my grandmother. I really miss them.
tenderbastard tenderbastard
the dog said, "no other puppies just a lot of human garbage." ~ tenderbastard
Sinister Silence
Oh gosh I remember having to give that pink wormer stuff to my dog when she was a puppy, they hate it lol, you have a lot of patience x
kitty plaz
aww puppys so cute i would take him if i could.
I don’t know... a couple red flags here for me. One, the puppy looks well fed, clean, and not really “living” around the dumpster or he’d have most likely fled to wherever he sleeps when the “rescuer” got there... two, it’s a puppy by a dumpster, folks, the perfect sad scene to get donations out of caring people. Third, the “rescuers” took more time filming the dumpster area than corralling the “abandoned” puppy. It’s as if they knew they’d be able to get him quickly. Finally the last scene doesn’t look like rescued dogs to me, it looks like caged dogs. I may be wrong, and I kind of hope I am, but this doesn’t smell quite right to me.
Francy Nunes
Sabe mim dizer q raça é ???
tyrone gray
You take entirely too long filming the dog(s) you find. A little less time filming the animal and more interaction and support. Thanks! 😁
Christopher Delesnerac
❤️🙏🏻🌈😘🐶 love you dogs
Zuzu Deneuve
São pessoas assim, quê fazem à diferença. Parabéns!
Curtis Pereira
He so scared but ends with a smile 🙂
The Rescue Journey tv
Thank you for saving the puppy
all good things will come to you.
Thank you
Silvana Doncelli
Que amor,divino bebé 🐶💕💕💕💕💕💕
ether lite
Sooooooo cute puppy..
Maria araújo
God bless you , guys 😃🤗
waka waka carmine
Michael Donavon
It breaks my heart to see these little animals discarded.  They are so scared.  Just breaks my heart.  God bless you all for saving Oscar.  He's a good little guy.
Veima Saray Gomez Mejia
Freleto pro
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Special Father's Day rescue with Rescued puppy beside Dumpster 2 days ago   05:28

Please donate $5 to Hope For Paws to help save dogs like Leah from homelessness and neglect.

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PLEASE SHARE: Wonton, Noodle, Macaroni & Ravioli’s rescue story: Hope for Paws received a call about a family of homeless dogs. Most of them were easy to capture but one absolutely frightened puppy just ran as fast and as far as it could, into every possible space. We thought the family were a Mom and three puppies, but what we found is amazing.

With over 30,000 stray, abused, abandoned and homeless dogs in Los Angeles alone, we always encourage adoption as a first choice for a pet. :-)

To adopt Wonton, Noodle, Macaroni or Ravioli, please visit:

Please share and help us find their forever homes.

Happy Father's Day!

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