ThunderTurd Finale: Giving It Away The GTR Killer, Roman vs DemoRanch Race... 2 days ago   19:52

Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!!

All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!


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Devin Bourgeois
I have seen 100’s of bald eagles and I am 11 years old
Danger Dave with the Pits.
let'er rip tatter chip
Justin R. N.C
The confederate flag is the best part that's the one thing ur missin
T. Van der kooij
Next time take the humvee and block everyone
Bald eagles are like crows up in Minnesota are all over the place
Texas CountryBear
The bald eagle They are all over lake Woodlands in texas
This is so amazingly awesome Dr Matt... & I’m referring about how your able to touch so many people in a positive and fun way. Just awesome

I never comment but have been watching for quite a while..
Jose Anzorena
I want the car
Bald eagles are all over Indiana.
aaron douglas
They were at the big-eecs in Texas city
ChopStick Pony
1st car clunker is a family tradition
Iam Aperson
Come to the Saylorville dam spillway in Iowa. I saw 17 different bald eagles in 2 hours.
The JayP Show
Did I just see u tied a knot with chains 🤔🤣
Rock Island Auction Company
Danger's shades and mustache clearly indicate he is living his best life.
agent0 teddbear
Do more
Bunky Olsen
There are bald eagles in Ethan sd!
Sean Domangue
We have bald eagles all over in la and ms
i love how the girl wore a shirt with 'satan' edited onto an Evian logo... lol
Amaris the Panda
Oh my gods Bex is my sister and that was honestly just great XD
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The GTR Killer, Roman vs DemoRanch Race... ThunderTurd Finale: Giving It Away 2 days ago   23:55

Nissan GTR twin turbo 600+hp vs 4 cylinder turbocharged DF Goblin in a drag race.

My car is from

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