Everyone Who Hates America (According Fox News' problem is a lot bigger than 1 day ago   04:38

What do Osama bin Laden, President Woodrow Wilson, and Matt Damon all have in common? If Fox News is to be believed, all three hate America.

Over the past 15 years, anchors and commentators on the network have leveled the “hate America” charge at over 100 people, places, and organizations. The list includes violent extremists and despots, but also celebrities, academics and even entire countries. It’s sometimes unclear to what extent the “hate america” accusation is serious or playful.

We went through the TV News archives and Fox’s own transcripts and assembled every example we could find of Fox News outright accusing or implying that people, places, or organizations hate America. We compiled many of them into the video above, and included all of them in a comprehensive, alphabetized complete list here: http://bit.ly/2SfUWM2.

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Fihram Luthfan
To make it easy everyone hate american
America is an immens evil and violent country spreading wars and hate all over the world.
USA is an allie of the most evil Islamist country in the world torturing women in jail and
spreading Islamist totalitair horror all over the word, from Indonesia til Pakistan,
from Irak till Syria, from Libya till Sudan... etc etc.. It's name is Saoedi Arabia..
The USA polutes the world with highest amount CO2 per inhabitant..
The USA is exporting automatic weapons (large shops ate the borders) to all evil drugcriminals in
whole centre America causing horror, hunger and dead.
Their are many cultures in all countries (beside of course their Arabian terror-allies) in the world
living in peace together for many ages... The USA is not special at all... What a bare nonsens.
This is my answer. I HATE America.
Ninja Briefs the Saiyan
Meanwhile the Serbs and the Middle East actually genuinely hate America because the US bombed Belgrade, and continues to bomb the Middle East to this very day.

Oh, by the way, none of those military interventions had the approval of Congress or an official declaration of war, so technically those "wars" were illegal.
Karlee Packard
Where's Ariana Grande xD
27329726662 6378438
I hate living in America!
Tristan Hash
I do not like this country but I do not hate it what I hate is all the police brutality government biological and chemical warfare putting fentanyl on the streets handstripping everybody of their pain medicine assuring that they will find fentanyl it's really not even America it's the new world order depopulating us by praying on are addictions no matter what they are
I hate America, and I'm proud of that!
nikolai bahtin
What can man do agianst such reckless hate
Assassinos Productions
European Union: *bans memes*

America: *Today, the EU commited a terrible atrocity against the European people by taking their freadom of speech. We shall declare war to protect their freedom of speech* (and get more oil hehehe)
tamarack mi
I had a Yemen student back in college in 1985 tell me I would be killed in his country because I was a woman that smoked! OK! I learned to smoke from my American Men Relatives! Sheesh!
John Doe
I love you VICE. Will you marry me?
America's got a serious flag-hugging problem.
The income of the .01 percent comes largely from capital gains, which
are taxed at a far lower rate than income earned from working. As their
stock portfolios grow bigger, these folks are able to get wealthier and
wealthier by doing absolutely nothing. They exist in a rarefied universe
of palatial homes distributed around the word in places like New York,
London, Dubai and the Cayman Islands, following the tax codes as the
wealthy of yesteryear followed the seasons. Think of them as the giant
hothouse plants of the world’s increasingly unhealthy economy — sucking
up resources, blocking out sunlight and stunting everything else that
tries to grow.
Pharaoh Production
I’m from Egypt and this is not true guys... come on now we don’t hate Americans.... lol no seriously
John Chukwuma
I hate America
Mustafa Kamel
Imagine if America had disappeared ! I think 80% of the world's problems will end
Ragga x Chat
Wilson for President 2020
Honestly if conservatives are gonna hate the media, they should get ready to hate fox news as well, cuz all the shit they talk about CNN, NBC, New York Times, etc also applies with FOX news.
hate america
Anthony Juarez
Where that means, you mean the United States
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Fox News' problem is a lot bigger than Everyone Who Hates America (According 1 day ago   05:46

Sexual harassment allegations aren’t an anomaly at Fox News -- they reflect a deeper problem inside of Fox headquarters. Firing Bill O’Reilly doesn’t fix that.

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Fox News’ decision to fire Bill O’Reilly over his history of sexual harassment allegations is a big deal. The problem is: O’Reilly’s replacements aren’t much of an improvement. Fox’s new primetime lineup is stacked with network personalities with their own histories of harassing women, including guests and even co-hosts. And it’s not just primetime -- on-air harassment has been a recurring element in Fox News’ programming for years, especially on shows like Fox & Friends. Given the new lineup of personalities who have their own patterns of mistreating women on-air, the network isn’t showing signs of an overhaul just yet.

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