Everyone Who Hates America (According The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, 2 days ago   04:38

What do Osama bin Laden, President Woodrow Wilson, and Matt Damon all have in common? If Fox News is to be believed, all three hate America.

Over the past 15 years, anchors and commentators on the network have leveled the “hate America” charge at over 100 people, places, and organizations. The list includes violent extremists and despots, but also celebrities, academics and even entire countries. It’s sometimes unclear to what extent the “hate america” accusation is serious or playful.

We went through the TV News archives and Fox’s own transcripts and assembled every example we could find of Fox News outright accusing or implying that people, places, or organizations hate America. We compiled many of them into the video above, and included all of them in a comprehensive, alphabetized complete list here: http://bit.ly/2SfUWM2.

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Adolf Gustav III
Entering Iraq and Killing two million people without finding any fucking mass destruction weapons there is one of many reasons that make people hate America even they who are not Iraqi.
America deserves much more
than 9/11
America is the only terrorism in the world.
Adolf Gustav III
A lot of reasons to hate America and all them are logical
America deserves hate
not American citizens
Simon Barnett
If this imperialist country didn't stomp around the globe like a geopolitical paedophile,with it's ultra hypocritical foreign policy, people might not find it abhorrent!☢️☢️☢️
*Weeb Curtis*
So Fox News don't know the difference between America and USA.
the Emperor of man
I hate America I'm not afraid to admit it either I find them narcissistic and oblivious to the rest of the world they constantly cause problems and have no respect for other countries but expect everyone to respect them I know individuals like that and I don't like them either America Claims to be the freest country in the world but it's actually 17th Switzerland has been named the freest country in the world try and tell an American that though the idea to them is preposterous they all think they live in a democracy but they actually live in a constitutional republic they don't even understand their own judicial system it's hard for me not to hate someone who's ignorant narcissistic and constantly causing problems for the world I'm sure there's lots of nice Americans I have yet to meet one though
Genesis G 90
I hate Fox News
I hate CNN News
I hate ABC News

All of them are either really liberal or Really conservative.
Sunflower Studio
3:52 HEE HEE
Sunflower Studio
So uh.. everyone but trump lovers hate America?
I mean... ok?
Can't Beat The BAY!
I hate FOX "News"....
D Lynn
I feel like I got a brain tumor from watching this.
D Lynn
Wow. Pure brainwash
John Adams
for the most part they are not wrong. all these extreme leftists are literally trying to destroy everything that makes the country what it was founded on, and what makes it the envy of all the world. not democrats, but the left has been hijacked by extermissts on the side. they don't allow free speech,  they bash the country, the put non americans priorites over americans and the current politians are not even hiding it even more.  I mean I don't think every single entity on here "hates" America, but a vast majority very much dislike, by the things they prople and the actions . it is what it is.
Adlai Ferrell
Democrats and there wierdos 💩 on Americans everyday 😎
Adlai Ferrell
I think any sick shithole should fukkoff😎
moonlight ariana
i hate america
I hate America
mike bone.06
im british and i hate america
I hate America because:
-U can buy weapnons in America (Gun Crimes everywhere)
-U get arrested at the airport if u write on facebook (lets party, and destroy america lol)
-Education, do americans even understand this word?

-There is no health Insurance
-Every Bad thing comes from America, (TV shows, Fast Food shit (obesity)...and so on)
-Drinking law is a joke
-Kids are allowed to drive cars.

-America is a country designed for cars not humans.
-Americans are focused on trivial Bullshit like Kim Kardashian
-Bank system
-Lack of goverment transpiracy
-No knowledge about the rest of the world (every country is a 3rd world country compared to US)

My main reasons why america suckz:

-Your Courts are Corrupt
-Your Police is Corrupt

I dont even wanna start talk about religious americans, drugs, Ghettos, Gang wars, Iraq war & terror, stereotypes, ID checks or Trump.
this is so toxic
josh hout
Lol somehow conservatives and liberals hate America lol seems like you hate America and your trying to convince us you don’t and convince us everyone else hates America to cover your own ass Fox news
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The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, Everyone Who Hates America (According 2 days ago   06:07

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