Tech N9ne - I Caught Crazy! Tech N9ne - Blackened The Sun 1 day ago   02:56

Tech N9ne
Tech N9ne - "I Caught Crazy! (4Ever)"
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Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music

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Produced By: Michael "Seven" Summers

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jason shuler
I literally listen to this at least 5 times a day since it dropped. Very great and strange song I love it.. I love it all :)
Rere sweetbaby
I just saw him. He's fuckin dope 3rd time around
Douglas Woodfork
Oh Baaaby!
I love you tech
Ryan Williamson
On repeat forever and ever and ever. Will listen to you forever! !!!!
Traves Nielcen
Joseph torres
Love tech you are the true one sorry em tech is true rap god
Merovech2018 Gremly
Love you Brotheri once got flicked off for almoat getting run over with the right of way and i chased that mexican on foot for over 6 blocks yelling at him "It was My Right of way!!!". 201455 🤘 Light it Up
JayR BeatZ
This is a tune
Lenny Hutchison
You are awesome to my son
Jacque P Foxhoven
Going to see you in Colorado springs I can't cait!!!
RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot
I can't stop listening to this.
Happy to say we both share the same name Aaron Yates ❤
Ashley Rainbows
Saw him tonight! Amazing!
Musicmantha6th Jones
He made a master peice over a masterpiece.
The best song on the album.
Adrian Lauck
how else to do it bob barker an ill ve the spade ur dawg bit u be eminem ill play E minee me vision painted fuck ill be stan from the Bldouble.O.D. save me god backwards my dog my daughter marlee Eelram my baby lamb uh god talented naw gifted with a curse to chase the hurst an it hurts. Missin my homies like p cant you see what them women done to thee A.A.L adrian allen hembree adopted double LL outa hell ima outa mu shell laid down the skale gods will i am him.n8v.
Ky-mani X Shakkur
*Inside of me I do believe this sits*
edi benkatno
Thank god i love tech n9ne shit
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Tech N9ne - Blackened The Sun Tech N9ne - I Caught Crazy! 1 day ago   04:28

Tech N9ne "Blackened The Sun"
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Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music

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Tech N9ne "Blackened The Sun" taken from the
2009 album, K.O.D.

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