Renewable Energy Documentary - The Future Nanotech And The Future Of Energy: Much 2 days ago   1:17:29

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Renewable Energy Documentary - The Future Science of Technology and Climate Change

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prashant chouksey
Good upload,, would like to see more
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Nanotech And The Future Of Energy: Much Renewable Energy Documentary - The Future 2 days ago   59:23

Nanotechnology has found its way into a wide range of consumer products, from cell phones to odor-resistant socks. But is this tiny tech up to one of the biggest challenges of our time: meeting the energy demands of an exploding population on a warming planet? In this program, world-class nanoscientists and environmental leaders explore how advances in nanotechnology are spurring spectacular innovations — including lightweight “wonder materials,” vital energy-storage technologies, and new sources of renewable energy — that promise to redefine the very future of energy.

PARTICIPANTS: Sanjoy Banerjee, Yury Gogotsi, Paul Weiss
MODERATOR: Walter Isaacson
Original program date: JUNE 3, 2017

This program is part of the “Big, the Small, and the Complex,” series sponsored by The Kavli Foundation and The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. The Kavli Prize recognizes scientists for their seminal advances in astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience.


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- Nanotech And The Future Of Energy 00:05

- Participant Introductions 05:05

- What do you mean when we say nano technology? 06:30

- Why is constant reinvention of material so important? 14:13

- Are there any diverse effects of nano technology we should be aware about? 26:57

- How will the possible technology reduce climate change? 38:02

- How much would a crowd sourced grid help to reduce energy consumption. 45:15

- How can you use nano technology to reduce solar costs? 54:31

This program was recorded live on 6/3/17 and has been edited for our YouTube channel. Watch the original livestream here:

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