How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses 2 days ago   05:24

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I dont buy bacon because its too expensive for what you get
Apple Islander
The "Group A carcinogen" thing is stupid. Betel nuts and literally all alcoholic beverages are grouped together with plutonium and asbestos.
I know that certain salt meat procesing techniques can give u cancer but there is another that can be used which is safe. Also we Serbs love ham.
duck 0
I eat bacon almost evry day damn
Harsh Sharma
Adam can be assassinated by anything
Bevan Pattison
I just finished eating bacon and I’m going to eat more bacon tomorrow
Reid Moore
no one's going to ruin bacon for me. not watching the video.
how to draw good
i never made bacon a meme
GFL Tannar
I thought everyone knew this? We just eat it anyway because it's delicious
Field Marshall Rommel
Real question is why British bacon and American bacon is different
Why did I watch this?!?!?!
Eldritch Hamster
You said that bacon can cause diabetes and heart disease, but you said before that sugar does that, and not fat.
Mr Pink
We have been eating bacon literally since forever. There are cookbooks from the early 1800's describing how to smoke and cure it and it was one of the few food preparation practices that didn't have some sort of weird gender division stigma in Colonial America.

Adam, I love ya but sometimes you are just full of crap.
Fred Russel
Is there anything that doesn't increase your risk of cancer?
Who eats a hotdog a day
What did I click on
*Wait... What's bacon?*
Cameron Porter
Seriously not the whole bacon cancer thing again. The group 1 known carcinogen doesn’t rank how carcinogenic it is but only the evidence for it being a carcinogen. Overall bacon doesn’t increase your chance of cancer much at all. Only colorectal cancer and only 18 percent not 20. So that increases your risk from 5% if you live in America to 5.9%. That’s nothing that’s less than 1% and remember that’s only one type of cancer. You’re deliberately trying to be misleading and should be ashamed.

Eat too much of anything and it’s bad for you, you can make an argument against eating literally anything that way.
Josh Bacon
My legal last name is Bacon. Can I get upvotes? :D
Hairy Pancake
Belly is the best...
Rainbow Unicorn
Yo dont diss bacon again or you will die
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The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme 2 days ago   04:32

Did you know that a single company controls 80% of all glasses and sunglasses brands?

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