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This is the second episode of our new reality show HELLO NEWMANS! We'll be showing you guys all the amazing and crazy things that go down in the lives of Julian and Jaden Newman.

In Episode 2, things get HEATED between Jamie and Julian after their team gets beaten by 50. Then, Julian and Jaden go out for a long, late night dinner with the team even though Downey has a game the next morning. Jamie does not appreciate that, and takes it out on Julian in an....unconventional way.

Later, Julian and Downey have the chance to redeem themselves. If they don't catch a big win, there's gonna be BIG problems in the Newman household. Julian NEEDS to step up.

Finally, some fam drops by for a Prodigy Brand photoshoot. Is Prodigy the next Supreme?? Jamie thinks so.

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Comments 3713 Comments

What COLLEGE will Julian end up at!?
Adrian Perez
Why these episodes so short lol
Shane Joseph
The father is a straight corn ball
Evil Deku
All revolves around him 😂😂
Evil Deku
Jayden lookin cute😂😂😋🔥😍
crunk cisco
The dad said if he dose not play good the rest of the team will play bad wtf??they need a better coach and teammates
I just want somebody to believe in me the way Julian’s dad believes in him 😩
His dad really said Steph Curry can’t move that fast, and they just talk to their parents anyway they want to
Alex Lee
how would your family be taking over when you aren’t even being ranked
Robert Jacobson
Julian's dad is a terrible coach. Just terrible.
5 feet seven is a major bottle neck.
Salisbury Steak
They haven’t won a game ever or what?
So basically the other 4 guys on the team is the to pass him the ball so he can look good
J Conklin80
Julian is talented as fuck but his attitude is fucking toxic
Momo Billz
My favorite part about these vides are the ending this guy always come up with a good funny vibe for us no cap. Larry you da best
EST Of Youtube
He treats Julian like Dan did to Nathan in One Tree Hill
Bodz Vlogz
The thing I hate about these videos is the dad
steph curry with the shot
“Steph Curry can’t move that fast” 💀 you trippin ma
These niggas always smiling and shit. This is the fastest bull shhh I ever seen. This is cringe like a mf, Walmart version of BBB. Overtime lost hella points for this one...terrible just terrible all the way around the board
Wannabe ball family
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What They Don't Want "Scouts In Here, Give Them 1 day ago   13:35

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