Police Officer Arrested After Officer Pulls Gun on Student Picking 2 days ago   05:26

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Caldwell Texas - Caldwell Sergeant Robert Baucom has resigned and is no longer a police officer for the City and then was arrested and charged with official oppression. Open records request: https://ufl.ae/videow/7mEdvj7u2cs

Police Chief Charles Barnes knowingly hired a bad cop. Officer Robert Baucom was a deputy at the Washington County Sheriff's office before being fired for misconduct.

According to his indictment, Baucom engaged in “mistreatment that the defendant knew was unlawful, namely throw[ing] said Chester Jackson, Jr. while hands and legs were restrained.”

The Burleson County sheriff has finally released video evidence showing a Caldwell police officer throwing an inmate while in handcuffs. In the second fall, Jackson bounces off a metal bed and appears to hit his head against a toilet.

"There is a video of Chester Jackson, Jr. having a severe mental crisis in jail, just as his mother stated," said U.A. Lewis. "The video depicts the Caldwell police sergeant who was suspended, throwing Chester, causing him to hit his head twice."

The officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, according to Caldwell Police Chief Charles Barnes.

The Texas Rangers are also assisting with the investigation. Jackson, 30, of Somerville, was arrested last month on a public intoxication charge near his home by a Burleson County deputy.

After making a guilty plea, he was sentenced to a one-day stay at the county jail. During that weekend, Jackson was transported by a deputy to a hospital in Austin where he was listed in critical condition.

The Houston-based attorney also claims important documents in the case are missing, including records of the arrest, the guilty plea and the sentenced handed down by a Justice of the Peace following Jackson's arrest.

"It's unheard of to take someone into custody, and have no court record," said Lewis. "They said he pleaded. He served his one day. There should be an order to reflect that." According to family and his lawyer, Jackson was arrested on Friday, April 19, and after serving his short sentence, he was released on Saturday. His father said he was notified of the release, but asked Jackson's mother to pick up their son at the jail. Eddie Wilson, Jackson's mother, said she arrived within an hour of that phone call but was greeted by two jailers who said she her son would remain detained in the jail. "They said he was a danger," but didn't elaborate. "They said you're not going to be able to handle him. I asked if I could see him and they wouldn't let me see my son," said Wilson. On Sunday, when the family called to ask if they could pick up Jackson, they couldn't get a straight answer from the jail staff on Jackson's whereabouts. It was on Monday, April 22, they first learned he had been transported by a deputy to an Austin hospital and was on life support. "They resuscitated him twice. I want to know why they had to resuscitate him the first time. I need answers," said Wilson.

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~ Know your rights when dealing with the police. This is what the cops don't want you to know. http://policecrimes.com/

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Kevin Dunleavy
You see,he's a bad ass with handcuffed people,but,he resigned like the PUSSY he is.HANG THAT OFFITURD(PIECE OF SHIT) !
Trixterxx 4Ever
‘Officer Robert Bacon’ lmao 😂
Shay Kolbe
All I have to say to this video is that I don't understand why they're always showing videos of cops being mean to black people why don't they ever show black cop being mean to white people because I see that s*** all the time too
De'Mario's Reef aquarium
WTF. Fat 🐖 clearly stated on film ,you slipped and fell. One good 👮 stood up for the dude. 👏👏 .. These white m/ f s are really acting out there klansman mentality. Hope his 😈 ass is presently locked up.
G Carlson
“You fell” ? Wow... what a corrupt piece of donkey dung!!!!
Deno Keller
Another POS tyrant , seems to be the norm nowadays 😡😡😡
edu eperso
Damn, Bubbles lost his glasses and became a cop?
name less
that pig is just mad that he cant see his little weeny because his belly is in the way.
Bobbert Bobby
did you hear those "proffessional police officers" at the biggining of the video?
talking about how they think hes "High on PCP." and "Thats what he is acting like."
And these are supposedly trained and experianced officers...yeah he sure looked high off his ass on PCP. if he was on PCP he was the most alert calm and reasonable guy on PCP that ive ever seen!
So a black man gets loud or yells and they are like "Yup, he is obviously on PCP..and therfore super dangerous." It shows their mental state..a man gets upset and yells when he was arrested..which pretty much anyone would be upset after an arrest..but i mean afterall..they all know that black men are supernaturaly strong and easily enraged, and when enraged they can do Hulk lvl feats of strength and violence..and this guy is on PCP on top of that..OMG he is almost a wild animal at that point...fucking cowards!
Lucas T
I bet the taxpayers had to cut Mr. PCP a fat check for that.
Caspa Cz
How did I know it was going to be the fastest most racist looking one.
Who is importing police brutality to US soil.
Aaron Flood
Bully fat fuck copper
American Infidel Infidel
This is sad I feel bad he can’t use his hands to hold the wall or chair or ground
Cody Liddle
Hey, you fell......after I threw you 😂🤷‍♂️ man what a bully.
caja 88
Until another pig dept picks his fat ass up. Pigs suck
Steven Sabi
Y'all are too much. this cop was just pissed off and he was trying to do his job because this guy was probably giving them a hard time. He literally picked them up because it look like the dude didn't want to get up. I would understand if this guy was punching the dude in the face, but this is ridiculous.
Steven Sabi
You call that abuse? Wtf that cop wasn't even an asshole
Set Off
Michael Rodriguez
What a fag move. Somebody’s that cuffed. Wow. Big strong manly man
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Officer Pulls Gun on Student Picking Police Officer Arrested After 2 days ago   08:14

This cop pulled his gun on a student who was picking up trash in front of his dorm.
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Zayd Atkinson, a student at Naropa University, was confronted by an officer while picking up trash for his work-study job outside of his dorm. The officer did not have reasonable suspicion that a crime was occurring and was not entitled to demand Atkinson's date of birth, according to an independent review by a former U.S. Attorney.

Research shows Black people are often exposed to heightened scrutiny and suspicion, which can begin early in childhood. 54% of Black Americans say they felt others 'have been suspicious of them because of the color of their skin,' compared to 6% of white Americans.

Several officers, some with guns drawn, surrounded Atkinson. A college faculty member later appeared to back up Atkinson. The police officers never asked the faculty member, a white man, to confirm his identity or prove that he worked for the college.

After almost 15 minutes, the officer gave Atkinson back his ID and left. The officer resigned two weeks after the incident but will remain on the city payroll until February 2020. An internal investigation found the officer violated 2 department policies but did not conclude he was racially biased.

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