CIZZORZ New FUN RUN is EASY?! (Little Brother VENDING MACHINE *NEW* LUCKY 1 day ago   14:02

Cizzorz New FUN RUN is EASY?! (Little Brother Fortnite Deathrun 4.0 Challenge) with TBNRfrags 👊

📍Check out the map/creator here!

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Subscribe if you think the Fun Run is ez game ez life
Dante Olivares
Josh said dude this many times

alonso narvaez
You are the best josh is the person rage xd
Mikey Jantzen
What’s joshs twitch
Ghost_ Sniper
Plz watch montage
Azaria Lusk
Did you hear josh says bad words
Aaron Moore
Lincoln H
More impulses
Veronica Bukoski
Wearing I mean lol
Veronica Bukoski
On fortnite I have the skin that Josh is eating
Rajgopal M
Did anybody see that his little brother was swearing 8:12
Tatiana Hermida
Slow and steady wins the race
bronson pratt
can you add me on fortnite
Shannon Sanders
he did not beat it
Max Yang
What are those faces at 12:10 to 12:30
MrC the Plant
WHAT! Incredible. First video I've watched where someone 1 shot the last level. Hype.
Paloma Lara
Paloma Lara
The TBNRfrags
thats not the end
Ibrahim Fayyad
4:22 terrifying
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VENDING MACHINE *NEW* LUCKY CIZZORZ New FUN RUN is EASY?! (Little Brother 1 day ago   22:48

Watch as SSundee, Crainer, and Nico, once again play the classic Lucky Block series, but in Fortnite! This time, the rules were a little different, as everyone had to choose a random vending machine and could only use the weapons found at their machine. The first one to 3 total wins, WINS IT ALL!!

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