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In 2013, veteran boat racer Victorien Erussard ran out of fuel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There were energy sources all around him—the tide, the sun, the wind—but he had no way of harnessing them. This moment of chaos gave way to an idea: the world’s first hydrogen-powered boat. Now, his Energy Observer is sailing around the world, setting a precedent for how we might revolutionize energy production and consumption.

This Great Big Story was made possible by Shell #makethefuture:


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This story is a part of our Frontiers series, where we bring you front and center to the dreamers, pioneers, and innovators leading society at the cutting edge. Let us take you along for a trip to the oft-imagined but rarely accomplished.

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Colin Stepney
Getting tired of Shell sponsoring videos on sustainability. Own up to your impact on the environment.
Travel Richie
Wind and solar should be enough to sail someday soon.
Maybe now that Great Big Story is collecting those Great Big Checks from Great Big Shell Energy you can hire someone to read the translations, so the viewer doesn’t stare at the screen for the whole video.
Hoody K
yah we tried hydrogen in blimps and uh, that didnt work out.
1128 Mbq
Somebody MASS PRODUCE this technology! The planet's literally burning at the moment. We need every means of carbon emissions reduction as possible.
Is your video about renewable energy sponsored by an oil company?
Zizi Mugen
I stopped watching your videos a few months ago when you picked up Wells Fargo as a sponsor. They support fossil fuel corporations who are doing minimal to nothing about meeting energy needs without destroying life.
And now you're just directly sponsored by the oil companies.
Your revenue is filthy.
Matthew McCabe
I love these types of videos
When hydrogen is burn it produces
If only there was a way to propel boats using the wind.
Anyone else disappointed with that title? I mean, what the hell do they think sailboats have been doing for centuries?
Adib An Nur
Couldn't they put more solar panels on the boat?
Marc L.
Or, you know, you could just "sail".
Like= nothing happens
Scroll= nothing happens
Reply= I get a notification
Stop allowing SHELL to buy themselves a good conscience and spew there propaganda!! There lobbyists are killing the ecological transition
Nice, thanks recommendations.
Pablo Garay Cofré
Great and smart idea!!!
Good job...
তাসফিকুল তপু
Oh you talk about renewability when sponcered by focil fule company . They are gonna go out of business.
Dave Halliday
Solar panels by themselves are about 30% efficient. Electrolytic conversion of water to hydrogen gas and the net result of combustion of that gas is about 7% efficient. Why do they not run off the solar electricity - why do they take the huge efficiency hit by using hydrogen as their energy transport mechanism.

This is just expensive feel-good marketing and not a real technology advance. Something that will wow the masses, something that sounds good but does not actually DO good...
Sadboi 123
Soooo you make a video about the importance of renewable energy sources and you allow an oil company to sponsor you.

somethings not adding up
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The ship that revolutionised naval Sailing the World With Renewable 2 days ago   25:26

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