Putin's Russia and the ghost of the Romanovs Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight 1 day ago   06:16

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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family, the Romanovs, were murdered 100 years ago today by Marxist revolutionaries. What does this anniversary mean for Vladmir Putin?

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Minh Tien Tran
In order to enter the European Union, Ukrainian government is currently seeking ways to spit on the many achievements of their fathers they have spent with sweat, tears and blood. A people want to deny the heroic history of their own people, a people without national pride. Be true patriots!
Nicholas Novacek
Ritch propaganda coming from the rotshilt Jewish poocafarian family
Native badass
Fuck Putin ,the Czarists deserved the executions and much worse
bolsheviks are the most dirtiest subhumans.. poor low iq idiots :D
triniti korneli
I dont know is CNN noticing but they actually speaking good for Putin. Here specifically they told that nearly whole of Russia love him. "Hey americans, 150 million people love Putin. He is rich. He is patriot. And he is strong leader.".
Faisal Adel
God bless putin
john leber
Nicholas, why did you go to war in 1914? Had you Not, HISTORY would have been so different and So much better.NO ONE seems to ask this Vital question.
Even that immoral man Rasputin was correct when he said that war would destroy the monarchy and Bring Hell to Russia.The Bolsheviks Were Hell on earth for 70 years in Russia alone!.Even Kaiser Wilhelm begged Nicholas Not To Mobolize. The Worst decision ever made in the 20th Century..Very very strange no one Ever comments on this fact.
Victor Wheeler
The great Monarch from end of times?
Stavros Antoniadis
Ίδιος.... Ο Μεντμεντεφ
Between World War One, The Russian Revolution, World War Two and Joseph Stalin, The Collapse of the USSR, The Financial Crisis of 1997 and its Demographic Crisis, Russia has truly been through some hardship. Russia is truly a nation that knows the meaning of perseverance.

As for the video, typical bias against Russia.
Gabriel Navarrete
Go a exile the zar livin. In other country alive dinasty
Vadim Pahaljukow
Medwedew Zar Nickolaus . no Putin, Medwedew.
The sort of democracy some people push for would never work in Russia. People would split into more political factions the fight all rhe time with nothing being done and even more money would go missing than goes missing now.
Asdrubael VecT
Hi, everybody. I am Russian and I love history. But I hate lies and propaganda. About the execution of the Royal family by the Bolsheviks. There is no reliable information about this. They could shoot anyone, at that time there was chaos, there were riots in many cities. Whole country was full of guerrillas, troops of the former Imperial military and foreign spies. In addition, the Bolshevik party itself was a fierce struggle for power. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin longed for power, but everyone saw it in their own way. It is believed that Stalin killed Lenin in order to take power into their own hands. So the Royal family of the Romanovs could kill anyone, I doubt that it was beneficial to the Bolsheviks under leadership of Lenin. Otherwise they wouldn't have been killed so openly. The maximum would be sent to the North, and there quietly "removed" them. But no, "it" was done loudly and for the whole world. As a result, the "peaceful coming to power by the socialists" turned into a bloody and cruel. Of course, it is much easier to accuse the Bolsheviks and Lenin of this terrible crime, as it is convenient today to accuse Russia of "attempted" on Skripal. The Downing of the Boeing over Ukraine. Interference in U.S. elections and much more. As the saying goes, better than a sweet lie than the bitter truth.
Dapper Potato
Putin isnt as good as you all think
LxLx ZsZsZs
No mass shootings reports ?
H u
Путин пидр
Прекрасное далеко
Such a liars you are! Don't touch our President with your dirty hands. Its a pity that so many people in the USA and countries of West Europe are zombied.
Kasun Wijesinghe
Anyone who does not bow to USA is an autocrat/dictator/emperor etc etc
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Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight Putin's Russia and the ghost of the Romanovs 1 day ago   20:26

Chinese president Xi Jinping is amassing an alarming amount of political power. If only his propaganda videos made the idea of unrestricted authority seem as troubling as the concept of singing children.

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