Putin's Russia and the ghost of the Romanovs Is Vladimir Putin losing his grip 1 day ago   06:16

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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family, the Romanovs, were murdered 100 years ago today by Marxist revolutionaries. What does this anniversary mean for Vladmir Putin?

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Papka Rambo
Really? Whites had democratic ideas. There wasn't loyalty to czar.
Putin, at this point of time, isn't the worst autocrat to rule Russia … Jus' sayin' ;-\

There is something about Russia's physical and psychological composition
that seems to embrace autocracy. Perhaps it is because the country is so
diverse and so large; that liberal Western-style politics would, most likely,
lead to secessionist movements and fragmentation.

Russia is not a country of immigrants; the various ethnic groups have been
there for thousands of years. They can legitimately claim their native
territory as their own.
Jessica Mays
Is he related the Romanovs? Just a question. I have read alot about the murders of the Romanovs and I have that Tsar Nicholas's mother was actually going to take Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia with her to Paris kind of like the movie Olga and Alexei were to sick to go but either Alexandria would not let them go or they did not want to leave their family. I feel bad for them. The children should not have died
Ukraine and Syria is what USA started not Russia. Stop with your propaganda bullshit.
Robert Liberalson
The Whites were not loyal to the Tsar. Some were sympathetic. They were a loose coalition of various anti-Bolshevik factions.
Robert Liberalson
The Whites were not loyal to the Tsar. Some were sympathetic. They were a loose coalition of various anti-Bolshevik factions.
astartes 23
what a BULLSHIT no one was loyal to tsar. He was overthrown in February, the Bolsheviks came only in October - both sides put the dick on Nicholas
And Bolshevics dont shoot him they wanna jugje him oficial in moscow but like its say shit happens especialy if its civil war. Tsar was shooted without order by center.
Chan Ching Cheng
God bless Tsar Putin
z Hida
What a dumb video, disliked and blocked.
Luiza S
g milne
What a load of crap. Yeltsin tried to introduce democracy? He tried to grab as much money and power he could like the drunken pig that he was. The economist sucks a little cock.
Nothing wrong with a Russian Empire, at least for us Serbs but that Russian Empire is at its Spiritual zenith, at its most Orthodox Christian and at its most moral potential with a Tsar, a Monarch. With Putin, it's quite stable and orderly but not as much as it could be with the wisdom and dignity of a Royal Tsar.
What a hypocrite, suggestive and insidious video.
Alexa Mer
Guess whom serves The Economist
Meeta U
Putin's face resembles empress Alexandra!!
Nightmare Eyes
Yes make it clear:

1. “ White movement “ wasn’t monarchist movement. They didn’t directly supported monarchy in Russia, although many of them were supporters of it. The theory that they supported monarchy came from communist propaganda.

2. Putin don’t follow Soviet Union communism ways. But he is directly want to be one kind of dictator like Stalin were.
Squizzy Taylor
France literally did the same thing ~130 years earlier.
Paul H
don't bullshit !!!! they are two different people!!!
Dumitru Baruta
So much lies in this "documentary"....
You don't understand nothing about Russia!
Pancakefatboy 669
Hes 65? Shit I thought he was like 57 or some shit
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Is Vladimir Putin losing his grip Putin's Russia and the ghost of the Romanovs 1 day ago   05:56

Our Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford travelled east to Irkutsk in Siberia to test the mood - 5 times zones from Russia’s capital…
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Russian president Vladimir Putin talks about making Russia great again - restoring its status on the world stage as a country to be reckoned with.

But a recent report has shown that more than one in five Russians now live in poverty and polls suggest that the protest mood is on the rise.

Mr Putin’s approval rating is still around 60% - but it has been sliding.

His move to increase the retirement age – as well as rising prices and shrinking incomes – are prompting some Russians to question the Kremlin’s priorities.

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