10 things we learned about the Samsung This Was Supposed to Be a Samsung Galaxy 2 days ago   05:03

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Samsung is releasing the Fold April 26. The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler got his hands on one early and has a few things to address, from its camera capabilities to whether you can actually see the fold crease on the screen. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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화가드러머.덕산 이병진
@@@ 어 ㅡ 이상하다 위 영상을 본 결과는 아주 좋은데 ...왜 ..다른 영상에서는 ( 삼성에 겔럭시 폴드에 대하여 비방글밑 문제점이 많은까 ?? ) ★ 욕심같아선 내가 직접 사용해 보고 . 완벽한 .영상을 올려보고싶네요
Dushynt Dabas
Y r they comparing it to or showing similarities with Motorola flip phone. It's more like Nokia communicator.
RayRae 559
1:58 that audio overlay threw me off HARD Haahahh!
Jamal Rios
Ewww why do you like Ariana Gande
갖고싶네요. 좋은리뷰 감사합니다
Marcus fuller
This review sucks
AI Epochal
Samsung is tricky enough to put on a butterfly with its symmetric middle area being black, kind of hiding the otherwise notable crease.
Prashant Dalai
For all those who are searching the edit miss.. , its been corrected now
Michael Harter
Samsung leads the tech pack, but a BIG NO to this one
Random Dude
It seems like yalls staff is very inept
these are the mistakes you get when a channel that has no business doing tech reviews does them so they can capitalize on views.
kl wies
Who would not want a tablet? LOL Everyone wants one. Its the same logic as laptop. If laptop can double up as home pc (for those that do not need extreme graphics and cpu) and mobility. If you were given a choice of a smartphone or a smartphone/tablet why settle for only smartphone when you can have it all? Those naysayers that kept up with the oft repeated lines like WHY? Now are all shutting up and suddenly have a case of Amnesia. Instead of asking WHY? They should have the ask the pertinent question WHY Settle for Less when you can have it all? Those critics of foldable phones have all TURN 360 degrees and TOUTING this is the FUTURE.
Roy Adams
i love that his playlist is full of Ariana 1:31
Lesley Harrys
This was a terrible video. Weird intonation, incorrect and incomplete information, no actually useful take on the device, forced “humor”.. Clearly not done by people that know their tech.
Alvin Ma
this beautiful and innovative phone has no problem at all. the problem
is in people who are not using it properly and carefully because they
are just paid unboxers or promoters, not real end users.
Fanny packs are actually back again. 😂 Look at all the mayor luxury brands doing it.
Jerome Fernando
Its all fun and games until you peel off the plastic screen cover 😂
Uzair Arshad
1:59 what happened there? 😂
John Constable
well done shitshung lol
john kir
Tactile satisfaction not worth 1980
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This Was Supposed to Be a Samsung Galaxy 10 things we learned about the Samsung 2 days ago   03:03

UPDATE: Since we originally published this video, Samsung has delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold. Read more here: https://on.wsj.com/2VZvR5P

WSJ's Joanna Stern had big plans to review Samsung's first foldable phone. Then other Samsung phone screens started breaking and she accidentally began to peel off the screen protector that's not really a screen protector. Here's her non-review.

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