Former VW CEO Winterkorn charged in Germany Spain's FM Borrell on Catalan detainees: 1 day ago   03:19

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German prosecutors have charged Volkswagen's former CEO Martin Winterkorn with serious fraud over his part in the diesel emissions test cheating scandal, aka DieselGate, that engulfed VW and other carmakers. Winterkorn is the first auto-company boss to be charged over the scandal in Germany.

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All Mighty Ass
This would never happen in the US
Feeber Izer
So is he truly sorry, or just sorry he got caught?
Mark Maxwell
Not the Vonderwagon
If he can be charged, what about Boeing's CEO?
And the sentence will be 4 months or 4 years, depends what the judge is paid.
Robert Brown
Sarah needs a good seeing to, but seriously VW have been on the fiddle for years with Merkels blessing.
Ananth Arunasalam
Girl in blue looks absolutely stunning!
I didn't hear anything.
He is one of made-in-German scamers
Sorin Preda
Sarah Kelly, I have a simple question for you: How can you be so classy glamorous gorgeous? What you eat?
Bee be Cee
Will he be kidnapped like Ms.Meng.??
Felix D
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Spain's FM Borrell on Catalan detainees: Former VW CEO Winterkorn charged in Germany 1 day ago   26:07

How fair are the trials of Catalan pro-independence politicians? DW's Conflict Zone put this question to Spain's Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell. During the heated discussion, the politician walked off the set, but came back to finish the interview after speaking to his aides.
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