How the Saudis ended up with so many How Brexit could create a crisis 1 day ago   10:15

And why they want more.

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Saudi Arabia and the US have a partnership that's been in the making for over seven decades. It started after World War II and survived the Iranian Revolution, the Cold War, the Gulf War, September 11, and the proliferation of conflicts across the Middle East. This whole time, the US has been selling weapons to Saudi Arabia -- now its number one customer. Saudis bought bombs, tanks, guns, and planes over the years to defend themselves from various threats. The US supplied those weapons because the Saudi’s threats have usually been a threat to the US as well.

Today, there's a shift in the relationship. Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen has created the worst humanitarian disaster in the world - and thrown the Middle East into chaos. The problem is, the Saudis are using US bombs to do it.

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Dahyan, Yemen, school bus bombing: Bellingcat

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Mohammed Suddah
What is happening to Saudi Arabia in Yemen is just like the Vietnam war it's an ugly and destructive war and yes there are civilians who died but Saudi Arabia can not let a Militia backed up by Iran take power next door which would not be beneficial to Saudi Arabia, the us or all neighboring countries.
And if you're talking about human rights let's what happens when Houthis take power
Mr. Lonely
What's in it for America? Oils? Don't they have Alaska or is it inefficient still?
New life
lets hope Elon musk makes US not need Oil again. then we can be free to think logically.
Walking the thin rope
Lionel Messi
It always starts with OIL for the US
Neil 000
Americans are very bad
Do you want to see iran in yemen after your mistakes in Iraq and Syria?? Iran is your enemy and Saudi Arabia is helping US to defeat them
Vincent Chapman
Apparently Yemen is worse than Syria? According to this video anyway even though I'm pretty sure the war in Syria has claimed way more victims
Mohammed Jeelani Shaikh
Germany ist the only smart dealer😂👍
Southkorea needs it
Aadrath 123
Make a video on india pakistan (kasmir) conflict
Benjamin Gibson
The more vox I watch
The further left they get.
So much for unbiased reporting.
Hutz The Swag Guy ADL VGCP
Support Yemen
Hutz The Swag Guy ADL VGCP
This is why we should convince the USA to place Sanctions on Saudi Arabia and Support Iran instead
dan lipo
Wow they dropped a bomb on my birth day thanks
Thomas Potocki
People fail to realize, the US is not one person, with each president and problem in the US , comes new interests and agendas.
Thomas Potocki
So what weapons do ISIS and al-Qaeda use??
StimpY _786
war will never stop
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How Brexit could create a crisis How the Saudis ended up with so many 1 day ago   07:18

The open border has helped keep the peace for 20 years.

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Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but because of a special power-sharing agreement, it has an open border with Republic of Ireland. This was designed as a compromise that ended 30 years of conflict and violence in Northern Ireland between Nationalist and Unionist paramilitaries.

Today, Brexit means that the UK needs to close its borders and the issue of the Irish border is one of the hardest things to negotiate with the EU. Closing this border could undermine the compromise that kept the peace for 20 years.

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