Install Google Photos Backup How to Use Google Backup and Sync on Mac 2 days ago   05:49

Lee Sapara
UPDATED VIDEO HERE: Shows how to configure the New Google Backup and Sync Utility released JULY 2017. The video shows as PC version however Mac version is similar settings and will update when that video for mac has been created here.

In this video we will Download and Install the Google Photos Utility to Auto-backup photos from your Mac computer.

The Google Photos Backup Utility will backup photos from the Apple Photos Library, SD Cards and Cameras that you plug into the computer. It will also backup photos from your Pictures folder on Mac and the Desktop.

- Visit to view your PRIVATE photo gallery
- Click the Menu bar on the Top Left on the Browser Window
- Select App Download
- Select Download to start downloading gpautobaup_setup.dmg
- Run the Installer
- Sign in to the Account you want your photos backed up.

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Amanda Kay
Thank you for the helpful clip. Clear and articulate explanations made it much easier for me to work out. Do you have a clip on removing or even not re-uploading duplicates of photos?
1100 X Cient
고마워요 친구 :)
Melvin Alcantara
just for what i need it for sync my picture from my android phone to my Imac ( i don't use iphone )
Thank you! Excellent tutorial
Pradip Kadam
Backup and Sync doesn't work with macbook pro OS Mojave. It doesn't open to add account details after installing it. Do you know what could be the solution to resolve it?
Ashraf Jr Robben
thanks bro
Chelsea Hendrix
I have photos on my Mac through an external hard drive from back in 2005. I want to move these to Google photos. Is there an easier way to add more than one "album" at a time? I still would like them to stay within that file as well.
Rodriguez vibes
on my Mac its says uses an application called backup and sync from google not the other icon. For the other icon it says for mobile devices. 1:00-1:38
Susie Nichols
Thanks so much....very easy!!!
This was so helpful. I really appreciate this video and how simple you made it all to get sorted. Thank you!
Manuel Vanderhorst Rosario
Thank You!! Crystal clear.
excellent tutorial! Maybe its just me but when you zoom in on a particular screen space I get a headache 🤕 . Otherwise well done and thank you!
Kashif Ali
Gotta love Google ⬆️
Matthew Jardine
I like the way you create easy to follow guides. Thanks for your hard work. These are the kinds of videos I can send to family members when they ask for tech support, but I am unable to visit or be in the room when they need to get something done.
Jannell Selkirk
When I select download app it comes up as "Install Backup and Sync from Google" not Google Photos Utility. On the menu bar it shows a cloud with an up arrow. Is this right. Also, I do not have the same menu option when I click on the cloud with the up arrow as the Google Photo icon. Help. I just want to create a back up of my photos on google photos to my Mac computer.
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How to Use Google Backup and Sync on Mac Install Google Photos Backup 2 days ago   01:52

Now it has become super easy to sync all kinds of files from Google Cloud to your Mac thanks to the newly released Google Backup and Sync tool. Check out how to start using it.
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