Something Revealed! Watch and Know Is Gorilla Glass 6 Really That 2 days ago   04:58

Richard Aguilar
Good day to everyone and to all of you my subscribers (old and new). This is my first video wherein I show my face here in my channel. I'm Richard Aguilar, the man behind this channel.

From now on, moving forward, you can expect to see me always in every video that I'm going to upload here.... WATCH THE VIDEO TO KNOW WHY.

Have a blessed day to all of you....

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01djole Ђорђевић
01djole Ђорђевић
Bravo! Everything you doing is remarkable. Keep on doing this because the dark west do not want this. They want illiterate world to rule with. You igniting a fire of hope in science and the future of all people. You unhide what they hide. You connecting what they unconnect. You show the way the world can be better.
Jenny Poolton
Great news Richard. Your channel is always professionally presented and its obvious you take a lot of time making it all seamless. I don't mind personally that the information comes from other sites. I would never have known these things without you. I look forward to the "new" channel and I know I will not be disappointed. Great work, as always: kudos to you my friend.
Alan Shaw
Keep up your passion for our benefit
Bee be Cee
Hey Richard,
you have done well, keep it up.
The Ultimate Reductionist
I LOVE your channel because your channel shows GREAT TECHNOLOGICAL HOPE & OPTIMISM in a world that tries to send humanity back to the stone age.
Please do a search for all videos about promoting BIOCULTURED MEAT to replace breeding & murdering whole animals.
Power to you, sir. Love your channel and you have my support. Keep it up.
Vicxs Hug
Are you pinoy Richard?
The Mythbuster
Just when I am convinced that you were an AI android.
Keep it up.
glenn goodale
That was awesome
Tony Ray
I had to go back 3 times and listen to that again and again to make sure I heard that right. You said you will continue to upload videos about technology that can help people but you will not upload videos about technology that can destroy. I would think that that's the videos that you need to upload the most of so that people know what they're facing and how to protect themselves in this world where the oppressors are continuously trampling over us more and more on a daily basis. If you're not going to reveal the actions that are corrupted right along with the actions that help then you become bias and one-sided. This is a waste of my time if you take that approach
Nice to see you!
garry G Ballard
👍 ✌
L Dion
You have opening out my eyes and seeing the wider world. Keep going and I will keep watching..!
Rusmin Noer
I thought "Aguilar' is Brazil....(Smile).
I like your video...Keep post...
R. m
Good to know you, man! I always love to watch your tech videos.
Shashikanth Sk
I watched your videos. Keep upload
joseph john
So good to finally see you. Please focus on Solar power. Be well!
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Is Gorilla Glass 6 Really That Something Revealed! Watch and Know 2 days ago   06:40

In today's video, let’s take a look at how durable The New Gorilla Glass 6 is.
Corning, the company itself claims that phones with Gorilla Glass 6 can survive multiple drops. So watch the video to see how really durable gorilla glass 6 is. Or is it really that durable? Watch to know more.

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Watch The Entire Videos Of Independent People Who Tested Gorilla Glass 6 From The Link Below

From Ramesh Bakotra
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Screen Scratch Test Gorilla Glass 6

From Gizmo Gyan
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Front Glass Test | Drop Test | Gorilla Glass 6 Ka Sach

From Gupta Information Systems

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