Rick And Morty: 10 Worst Things 10 Evil Morty Fan Theories So Crazy 1 day ago   10:02

Wubba lubba dub dub! What are the squanchiest things Rick has ever squanched?

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Kai Stöffel
What about that time he actually destroyed the minivers?!
To be fair, Tommy getting lost in Froopyland really wasn't Rick's fault, because Beth probably never mentioned that she left him there. Had she said something, Rick probably would have gone to get him out, and wiped his memory of the whole incident.
st30 lite
0. Destroyed 2 universes (inside his and inside his but not)
demonic archon
It should be the top 10 worst things rick has done that we know about
Things Rick didn’t do in this list.

1. Unleash the Meeseeks, Rick only presses the button once to demonstrate the purpose of the Meeseeks.
2. Some of Morty’s Mind Blowers (Morty asked for some to be removed)
3. Froopyland, Beth pushes him into the honey.
4. Abandon the Jerrys, Rick collected his Jerry but other Ricks didn’t pick up theirs so it is not his fault.
5. Rick only had a tiny part in the Cronenberg Apocalypse, The love potion only went wrong because Morty left before Rick could tell him about the complications with the flu.

Half of this video was incorrect.
Doubledekercouch - games & whatever
My number one would be the time he hurled the miniverse onto the ground destroying it
Jack James
0:26 "I'm not going to be doing any 'the time Rick killed..' types of things."
1:09 That time Rick killed the Simpsons
Fabio Moreno
He didnt kill the simpsons morty did
He also didnt release the meeseeks jerry did
Both of them wiped out there minds
He didnt leave beths friend in froopy land beth did
It was mortys fault they joined
Im leavin this is too weak!
X.X.X. Shadow.Reaper
My fav channels Cartoon Network aka.

adult swim Travel channel Animal planet Discovery Channel Food
Victor Villalobos
Easter egg 1:39
Mark Ramage
The first one that you said you got wrong Rick was not driving so therefore Morty is responsible for the symptoms death
Vietcong Bernie
These are all excused for our entertainment.
pepsiman disapproves
Only 10?
Cian McLoughlin
Rick did not kill the simpsons Morty did because he drives the ship idiot
fucking anonymous
Pretty bad vid
The research is poor and half of the things weren't even Ricks fault
Ahmad Ali
Your commentary wasn't needed
Raymond Clifford
The human race inflicted upon itself?
Jorge Qti
U talk to much
Isaacs Nightmare
ACHTUALLY Tommy being stuck in froopyland wasn't Rick. It was actually Beth who left Tommy in froopyland. Rick didn't even know till he saw one of Tommy's love children. And Rick didn't make Mr. Meeseeks wasn't Rick's doing. Most likely it's a novelty item anyone can buy. I ain't dissin I'm just trying to help.
Cory Thiele
Just saying rick didnt purposely kill the simpsons and he didnt even kill them at all. It was in fact morty, he was practicing driving the spaceship and happened to accidentally crashed into the simpsons.
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10 Evil Morty Fan Theories So Crazy Rick And Morty: 10 Worst Things 1 day ago   12:19

What do you think is the true origin of Evil Morty? Could he really be the original Morty? Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Rick and Morty is one of the most brilliant, well written, and insanely hilarious shows on TV. It has gained a devoted fan base because of its multidimensional characters, geniusly intricate storylines, and crudely endearing sense of humour. Rick and Morty fans are notoriously a devoted and passionate bunch, who’s love of the show overwhelms even it’s creators. This devotion to the show has led to the creation of some pretty out of this world fan theories, one’s that challenge what we know about the show and it’s beloved characters, specifically the one we know as Evil Morty. The diabolical alternate version of Morty has sparked some hot debate, with theories like: could Evil Morty be trying to rid the universe of Ricks, leaving all the Morty’s left to help him rise to power? Is Evil Morty even evil at all, or simply trying to eradicate the abusive Ricks from the universe? Some wonder if Evil Morty is out to get revenge on the Rick who abandoned him in his early years, and if he is actually a Morty with a Rick brain, and Doofus Rick is a Rick with a Morty brain too. Fans have questioned if all Mortys eventually turn into their evil counterpart, and if Rick is trying to suppress their evil urges. Because Summer can’t catch a break, they decided that maybe it was her who accidentally created Evil Morty after a mix up in the lab. In a show about the multiverse, it’s possible that Evil Morty is from a timeline where Morty is the genius hero and the Ricks are the sidekicks. Could it be possible that all Mortys eventually grow up to become Ricks, or could he be just a robot instead? And finally, the be all end all of Rick and Morty theories, is Evil Morty the original Morty to our Rick, the grandson he abandoned to rejoin the family we know and love today? In the Rick and Morty universe, anything is possible, and with Season 4 confirmed for sometime in the near future, we can’t wait to see if any of these turn out to be true.


A Morty Without A Rick
Evil Morty Isn’t Evil At All
Evil Morty Is Out For Revenge
Did A Rick And Morty Switch Brains?
Could Our Morty Turn Evil Too?
Summer Created Evil Morty
Evil Morty Is The Hero
Evil Morty Is A Future Rick
Evil Morty Is A Robot
Evil Morty Is The Original Morty

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