Rick And Morty: 10 Worst Things 10 Hidden Rick And Morty Secrets 2 days ago   10:02

Wubba lubba dub dub! What are the squanchiest things Rick has ever squanched?

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My number one would be the time he hurled the miniverse onto the ground destroying it
Jack James
0:26 "I'm not going to be doing any 'the time Rick killed..' types of things."
1:09 That time Rick killed the Simpsons
Fabio Moreno
He didnt kill the simpsons morty did
He also didnt release the meeseeks jerry did
Both of them wiped out there minds
He didnt leave beths friend in froopy land beth did
It was mortys fault they joined
Im leavin this is too weak!
X.X Reaper
My fav channels Cartoon Network aka.

adult swim Travel channel Animal planet Discovery Channel Food
Victor Villalobos
Easter egg 1:39
Mark Ramage
The first one that you said you got wrong Rick was not driving so therefore Morty is responsible for the symptoms death
Giraffe Cunt
These are all excused for our entertainment.
Mr.F004 Mastoris
Only 10?
Cian McLoughlin
Rick did not kill the simpsons Morty did because he drives the ship idiot
fucking anonymous
Pretty bad vid
The research is poor and half of the things weren't even Ricks fault
Ahmad Ali
Your commentary wasn't needed
Raymond Clifford
The human race inflicted upon itself?
Jorge Qti
U talk to much
Isaacs Nightmare
ACHTUALLY Tommy being stuck in froopyland wasn't Rick. It was actually Beth who left Tommy in froopyland. Rick didn't even know till he saw one of Tommy's love children. And Rick didn't make Mr. Meeseeks wasn't Rick's doing. Most likely it's a novelty item anyone can buy. I ain't dissin I'm just trying to help.
Cory Thiele
Just saying rick didnt purposely kill the simpsons and he didnt even kill them at all. It was in fact morty, he was practicing driving the spaceship and happened to accidentally crashed into the simpsons.
Lord_ Slipper
Nr. 8 OK that was Rick
Lord_ Slipper
Nr. 9 that was Jerry
Lord_ Slipper
Nr. 10 that was Morty not Rick
Friend pointed out that their ricks didn’t come back because they may have died
Jamie Tomalin
to be honest i think the worst thing rick did in that video was number 10 killing the Simpsons
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10 Hidden Rick And Morty Secrets Rick And Morty: 10 Worst Things 2 days ago   12:14

Rick And Morty is a show full of hidden Easter Eggs and references, but some of them are strategically placed for the audience to see! 10 Hidden Rick And Morty Secrets They WANT You To See! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

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Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are huge pop culture fans and they’re both clearly sticklers for details. As a result there are tons of fun references and hidden secrets in the show. These secret easter eggs both hint at future events in the show, and even hint at connections between Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls. In the episode “Close Rick Counters of the Rick Kind” we see a portal open and it spews out a pen, a notepad and a question mark mug. This crosses over with the Gravity Falls episode “Society of the Blind Eye” in which Gruncle Stan loses those exact items into his own portal.

The creators have also included tons of little hints that Rick Sanchez might know that he’s in a TV show, and maybe it was Mr Poopy Butt Hole that told him about it. Rick does seem to address the audience more than any other character… in fact he’s one of only two to do it. Not only that but he has said things such as “I’m not going to answer a literal call to adventure”. This reference to classic story structure also implies that Rick knows he’s in a TV show, and isn’t just going to go on an adventure and entertain the audience if he’s not doing it for his own personal gain. He even talks about how many more seasons the show could run for.

Voice Over by: Ryan George

Edited by: Martin Baena

Rick Accidentally Brought Parasites With Him | 0:48
Morty's Origin | 1:58
Rick's Crime Is Destroying Worlds | 3:00
You're Always Wrong | 4:15
Alien Rick Dance | 5:19
Mr. Meseeks | 6:20
Beating Up Randall | 7:25
The Reason For The Fourth Wall Breaks | 8:38
Grunkle Stan's Stuff | 9:47
Time Travel Stuff | 10:45

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