Tapas Tour & OLDEST RESTAURANT Street Food in Peru - ULTIMATE 2 days ago   24:30

Strictly Dumpling
On this food adventure, I went to tour the San Miguel Market in Madrid, Spain. This is a great place to visit, sampling some of the best Madrid's market food has to offer. After the market, I went to El Sur to eat gambas, which is shrimp with garlic sauce, and I had some Cuban pulled pork. That pork was my favorite dish there. For dessert, I ate churros with hot chocolate, and this place was incredibly packed, so get ready to wait in line! To end my food day, I went to one of the oldest restaurants in Spain, Botin and it's famous for its roast suckling pig!
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✧ Mercado San Miguel (Madrid) Market
✧ Taberna el Sur
✧ Viandas de Salamanca
✧ Bar La Campana
✧ Chocolatería San Ginés
✧ Restaurante Botin

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James Walker
everybody knows you dont eat paella in Madrid, thats not paella, is just rice. If you want to taste a paella go to Valencia
william Kimmel
A suggestion: let all of us know when and where your next trip is and then go live so we can ask you what we would like you to taste.
Kim Kimmel
mike harris
jackie chan got a travel show lol.... good channel
lj u
She gave me piece of 油条😂
Mad Catness
When I was in Spain a few years back, I literally ate calimari for breakfast... Whenever I could. There's no place on earth where fried calimari is as good as in Spain. Fun to see you explore Europe now too! are you planning on visiting The Netherlands anytime soon? If so, let me know if you need a food guide :D
10:03 I'm not a big pork fan, but I couldn't eat enough Jamon when I went to Spain. I always ate it by itself, so no wasted space with bread.
8:01 have you tried custard apples in Taiwan? Sooo good.
K Wilson
Spain for sure on my bucket list👍
rec0il _1
14:43 this is what heaven looks like! I’m starving and it’s 11pm lol

23:23 love your buddies Grateful Dead 💀 shirt
When he went into the market, I was thinking that I don't think going to Spain was a food priority for me. His reviews did not seem as of Spanish was good...the more he reviewed the food, especially the oldest restaurant...yeah.... looks like I need to head to Spain now.
The oldest restaurant in the world is truly shows why it's still around. Very great pork and potatoes.
G. E.
Food from Spain is not the best, it lacks flavour and spice, it's not like Mexica, Peruvian or Indonesian....it's more on the bland side.
David Hanych
i mean restaurante botin is literally older than the uS so
You ate so much bro you are literally a dumpling you are stuffed
du ck
I love how the sea monster has the word rape next to it
Josh Thomas
This video makes me hungry for some reason. I just subscribed because entertaining foodie video.
antonino rivilli
For the best empanadas argentina is your place
D García
A local here: I would suggest to avoid touristy places like Mercado de San Miguel and places around Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. Those are too touristy: expensive for bad quality. Madrid is a great place to taste awesome things. Do your research, I will pay off
I guess you get real good at making a dish when your family's been serving it for 300 years.
J Stephens
I love your videos, I guess it is because I love to eat. Ironically, watching you eat makes me want to try new things but seems to suppress my appetite, as if I had eaten it with you. But it is really ironic that you mentioned the "MOTHERland of suckling pig." I wonder if most people know that a sucking pig is still feeding at the breast of its mother. Check it out at Wikipedia or other sources. I am not a vegetarian, but I do have some limits. The idea of eating a baby pig (suckling), cow (veal) or sheep (lamb) grosses me out. Sorry, if it does not bother you or most viewers. This is a personal thing and I am not being critical.
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Street Food in Peru - ULTIMATE Tapas Tour & OLDEST RESTAURANT 2 days ago   46:17

😃Timour’s channel: https://ufl.ae/videow/8RdVta2cM0s
🎥Brazilian Street Food Tour: https://ufl.ae/videow/JbMTV3RvKte
👕T-shirts and caps: https://migrationology.com/store/

Also, big thank you to Elias for showing us around Lima: https://www.instagram.com/acomer.pe/

Street food in Lima, Peru! #Lima #Peru #PeruvianFood #streetfood

Peruvian food is one of the world’s great cuisines, and I was thrilled to have a chance to visit Peru to learn about and taste the food. In this video, get ready for an ultimate 14-hour straight Peruvian street food tour of Lima!

Here’s everything included in this food tour:

La Parada Market - If you love vegetable markets, I don’t think anywhere else in Lima is as colorful, energetic, and vibrant. This is the beating heart of Lima’s food supply, and I fully enjoyed walking around and seeing the diversity of ingredients from around Peru all in one busy wholesale Market.

Caldo Cesar - Elias navigated us to Caldo Cesar, a restaurant that was incredibly packed and specializes in some of Lima’s best caldo de gallina - chicken hen soup. It was one of the best chicken soups I’ve ever had in my life. Total Price - 52 PEN ($15.71) for 4

Ceviche Cart - One of the national dishes and most beloved dishes of Peru is ceviche (raw fish in lime juice), and we walked over to the section of the market where they sell fish and seasonings for ceviche and had a plate of fresh Peruvian ceviche. It was delicious. Price - 8 PEN ($2.42)

Fruit Tasting - This was pretty unplanned, we just walked around the fruit market and tasted about a dozen types of fruit. My favorite fruits were the Sanky - Fruit produced by a cactus, Camu camu - Native to the Amazon rainforest, and Lucuma - Gold of the Incas.

Papa rellena - This is one of the most common of all Peru street foods, a papa rellena, or a Peruvian stuffed potato. I was impressed - one of the best fried potatoes maybe I’ve ever had in my life.

Tocosh - This fermented potato pulp, was invented by the Incas, and it’s not for the faint of heart. I thought it was unique and pretty delicious, and fun to eat, and it contains natural penicillin.

Papa con huevo - This was ok, but just basic, a potato with egg on top and doused in sauces. This is again, a classic part of Peruvian street food, especially enjoyed by children.

Sanguchería El Chinito - “I practically moved to Peru just for this sandwich.” - Timour Ghoneim. That says it all about this legendary chicharrón Peruvian sandwich located at Plaza de Armas. And he was right, you would move to Lima for this sandwich.

Don Tito Pollos a la Brasa - If you ask Peruvians what is one of their comfort foods, I’m guessing pollo a la brasa would be a common answer. Pollo a la brasa is Pervuian rotisserie chicken, but somehow they just do it better in Peru. Total Price - 84 PEN ($25.39)

Anticuchos Manuela - Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite parts of this entire Peru street food tour of Lima, anticuchos, or grilled cow hearts. They are truly majestic, so juicy and flavorful, you won’t believe it. Price - 10 PEN ($3.02)

Picarones - Finally to end this ultimate street food in Peru tour of Lima, we ordered some picarones, donuts made from sweet potato and pumpkin. They are addictively delicious and should be eaten when you’re in Lima. Price - 6 PEN ($1.81) per box

Get more details about every restaurant including address and location on my Lima Guide: https://migrationology.com/travel-guides/lima-peru/

Again, a huge thank you to Timour and Elias for showing us amazing street food in Peru:
Subscribe to Timour: https://www.youtube.com/user/chefTimour
Follow Elias: https://www.instagram.com/acomer.pe/

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