Dog Facetimes Girlfriend Life With a Golden Retriever 1 day ago   00:32

Tucker Budzyn
Dog Facetimes Girlfriend

Tucker Facetimes his girlfriend Mayapolarbear when parents aren't home! Here is their conversation.

Watch our other facetime conversation on Maya's Channel! :

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Tucker Budzyn
Go watch our other facetime convo on Maya's channel!
Marion Wright
Peyton Gill
His wrinkly face is too much for me 😍
Someone? Who??
The way Maya's nose and the rest of the face drools XD
naaah seriously
my two favorite !!! ARGHHHHHH SO MUCH LOVE
wawe tucker has 3 girLfriEnds?! o.O i wish i had that many friends
Rahul Singh
Osm bro osm....such a great video
princess rosie
I feel like Tucker is a toast and Maya is a marshmallow
this is a *dream* the two best dogs COLLABORATED
PrettyPrincesses Aden&Sophia
This is on tiktok I love your vids
V e n t u r d o s u s
Maya be doing a drool
Happy Cat
Such smooshy faces
I love it 😭❤️❤️
Estrella Gonzalez
OMG this was so cut ❤ ❤
Lioney Hani
The drools... oh maya 😰
Haha tucker x Maya
Angelise Fernandez
This is way too cute❤❤❤❤❤
Hani Jewkes
Sooooo chubby dooo cute I love when tucker looks down and maya ahh
Spacycuff Gt
Danie Dill
i’m gonna tell Linda hmmmmm🤨
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Life With a Golden Retriever Dog Facetimes Girlfriend 1 day ago   03:06

Life With a Golden Retriever

This is a glimpse of what it's like trying to get some chores done with a golden retriever in the house.

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