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Noah Schnapp
The Dolan Twins challenged me to the Blender Challenge, AKA worst cooking show on the internet, and it was really gross. Still fun though! Afterwards, I taught them how to be real professional actors!

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Noah Schnapp
I had a super fun time shooting with the Dolan Twins! Who should I do a video with next?
Mystic Alya
Was it bad?
We know you’re hiding the fact you eat crickets

*We know.*
G&G Studios
5:12 don't ya mean HOT CHOCOLATE ba dum cht
madalynn mendoza
new fav trio ngl
Jennifer Whitney
Is S3 less scary or more scary than S1 and S2?
Katelyn and Kathryn Echdyu
I love you Noah 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
troop 161 and 124 media take action project
Love the editing, by next month you will have like 5 million subs.🙃
mon ange
Oh no! the demogorgon virus got him again
JJ Productions
Make a video with James Charles
Fun Size
Why am i fangirling and im not even in the same room as noah
Julia Jamison
408k subs in 2 weeks
Mateo Heine
Very good video
j'aime trop tes 2 vidéos je suis française et je voulais aussi dire que la série stranger things ces vraiment la best série forever ♥
Miru D. Morgan
No one:
Not a moving being in the planet:
NoT BaKInG soDa
bAcoN SoDa
Zuri Maina
Noah Schnapp is to cute for the Dolan Twins.🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️😂
134M vues
How tall is noaahhh ???
ZPG 19
Noah do some vlogs
ashley cano
smash like
Krissyana De las nieves
Lydia Chocolate
wait ily
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이상형 10명 한번에 만나기 I Tried The Blender Challenge w/ The Dolan 2 days ago   09:46

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