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Rising competition and the labour-intensive nature of making these cakes by hand mean local bakeries like these are dwindling.

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Iv_chadtwong ROBLOX
Happy ND! - From Singapore
Handy Wijaya
In Singapore it was dying.But here in Indonesia,hundreds of companies like Lek Lim have been closed down every 2 years remembering how hard is the competition in the market as Indonesia have a lot of labor that eat this kind of cake very often in the morning before they go to work.Would love to visit it as there is no such mentioned in the tourist guide books and I wanna try how difference is between Indonesian and Singaporean style 'kueh'
john hand
10 layers of goodness
Anne Corey
Love all this kind of food wish. I know which part in Singapore thank you for your beautiful cakes from. Spain.
Annabel Tan
Highly recommended by me:, their kueh ambon and salted ang ku. Rare treats indeed.
william atmaja
this traditional cake is exist in Indonesia too
Peluang Ke-2
One day it will wither eventually....SG is corporate mah...That place can be tear down to be replace with more profit business purpose...😂 Dont deny SG is very kiasu right --- core to the bone
Muhd Sufian
foods is just a foods so don't need to be angry also for more info on the Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery please check thru this link
James yue
LOL who will still eat these shit ? Western's pastries is the best
Hahaha.....judging from all the comments British people sounds like a bunch of whining losers!! Whingeing Poms!! 😂😂
Where is this shop? Usually just buy from Bengawan solo which is everywhere.
Kue basah 😀
Eco Minimal Human
Love love love these kuehs! Hope this traditional doesn't fade off!
Suzie Wan
singapore kueh lapis better can peel layer by layer...PERIOD
Juliet Tun
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And also tempe n bakso are from Singapore.

I smell lots of jealousy here. If you want to have more visibility in the world, then work at raising the standards of your own country so that international news organisations set up shop there and give you more focus. Not gripe and whine when someone else receives attention.
I have NO idea what the ingredients are...but...I WANT SOME!!!! lol
Maybe the guy could work with home delivery companies? Like is there a Singaporean version of Skip The Dishes/ UberEats? Or a Singaporean version of those monthly delivery companies where you pay $10 or $20 monthly for treats?
viv Viv
We also have it in indonesia
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Nyonya Pineapple Tarts | Tat Nenas Preserving a dying Singapore tradition 1 day ago   12:42

Best traditional pineapple tarts recipe to bake during the festive season especially during Chinese New Year. In Malacca, the best pineapple tarts are made using homemade jam. If you are looking for flaky and crispy pastry that melts in the mouth, this is the recipe for you.

Almost every Chinese New Year, my aunt from Malacca would send a tin of pineapple tarts to my family. During this festive season, there are several types of must have cookies but pineapple tarts always top the list. It is an increasingly popular gift among friends and relatives during this happy occassion.

There are many versions of pineapple tarts, not only in terms of the texture of the pastry but also the filling, whether it is wrapped internally or exposed. My preference is always those with crispy and flaky crust which is slightly similar to pastries. However, the most important point to note here is the right texture and fragrance of the pineapple jam. Coincidentally, the pineapple jam recipe that I have created has just the right amount of sweetness, nothing too overpowering.

When preparing to make these tarts, it is advisable to cook the pineapple jam the night before. It is fine to even have it prepared a week ahead. Store it in a container and keep it refrigerated until it is time to be used. When preparing the dough, be mindful not to over knead it, hence resulting in the pastry being hard and not flaky.

You may have noticed in the video that there might be too much pineapple jam on the tarts for your liking. You can always lessen the amount of the pineapple jam on each tart as per your preference. If you do so, remember to double the ingredients of the dough so that you have enough to work on and would not end up with excessive pineapple jam. The process is undeniably time consuming but once you are done, you will agree with me that it is well worth the effort. Trust me, you will be beaming with pride too!

This recipe yields about 40 pieces of pineapple tarts or 80 pieces, if you doubled the dough.

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