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The Heartland Institute
Mark Steyn talks about his new book, “Climate Change: The Facts” and his lawsuit against climate scientist Michael E. Mann of Penn State University at The Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change on June 12, 2015. To watch all presentations from this conference and others, visit To read all of Mark Steyn’s work, visit

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Selsey Reclaim

‘They’re trying to avoid another slap’ or is that SLAPP?
Darrin Ward
So what is Obama care? It is a tax disguised as a health care bill . Plain and simple ! So what is the climate change tax ? No one...not Fox, or any alternative media sources have mentioned volcanic activity ....NOT ONE ! Just one volcanic eruption spews out more carbon than every major city in the WORLD can do in 10 years . Obama care alone helped put small business out of business,not to mention taking the 40 hour work week down to 30 hours or less. So what is the proposed "Climate Tax " ? Do people really believe that this tax will actually be used to save the planet? Do you think they will put a cork in the volcanoes?. Let's say we could bring carbon down to zero . what will we do then when all the trees die, because they live off it. In return they give us oxygen . So what is the climate change tax really ? Are we awake yet ?
Yeah great shit - if you like keeping it in an echo chamber that ignores most of what's happening upon our physical Earth - -
Julian Amiet
Mark Steyn is Brilliant !!!!!!!
S MacLaren
Please, oh please can Mark come over and rattle the British establishment too? It would make my whole life more worthwhile..!!
Always Good
There are highly paid powerful LIARS in government that do NOT care about achieving any good for the AMERICAN PEOPLE! THEY LIE TO EVERYONE, ON PURPOSE, TO CAUSE HARM TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!! ALL of these EVIL LIARS desperately need to RECEIVE the "book" CONGRATULATIONS by Always Good!!!! This "book" may end up being the ONLY way that these LIARS may be HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!! Otherwise, if the past is any indication of the future, THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW!!!! ALL BAD PEOPLE NEED TO RECEIVE THIS "book"!!!! It is a game changer, whether you are rich or poor, it will HELP whoever has been LIED TO, CHEATED and SCREWED OVER to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD!!!!
Gaston Lachaille
Always funny how the right loves to reside comfortably within its echo chamber. It has no factual data that will be accepted by peer-reviewed, mainstream science journals, so it turns to YouTube to spread its gibberish.
troy loop
this man is genius personified
joseph mclennan
Grand Solar Minimum
Patrick Lincoln
This is not science, this is stand up comedy (to which I laughed). The hockey stick is a factual graph describing the development of average temperature in the northern hemisphere and has been reconfirmed by various studies. You can't just attack Michael Mann, you have to attack all the other studies too. This is like how people think you can debunk evolution by trying to debunk Darwin. The mountains of evidence supporting evolution have grown massively (and the same trend is being observed with respect to the hockey stick graph).
Corey Cross
chris lloyd
A very funny man but very deluded. His assertions have no credibility.
Stephen Culhane
Just remember to tell your grandchildren you promoted the myths and did nothing as California burned, Florida and the Gulf Coast are flooded, and the salmon disappeared from the Northwest and Alaska. Don't bother retorting to me. Just plan what you will say them when the realities we already see become even more ever present in everyone's lives.
Lloyd-Donald Castle
Michael Mann is nothing more than another crazy liberal. Climate Change the way Michael Mann wants it, is nothing but control and taxes, oh did I forget lies? Michael Mann doesn't real give a shit about mother earth !
Yippy Dingding
Say it over and over and over and the democrats will then think there dick is bigger than it is this is a democrats have very small dicks just the lady’s saying
Peter Resetz
One single meal of Michael Moore has a larger carbon footprint then a third world country emits for a hole year.
J. Schwartz
Sooooo intelligent!!!!!!!! Thank you, Mark Steyn
Rubbish. This clown fails to address the 30% increase in dissolved CO2 in Seawater. Most of the Northern Oyster Beds are already gone.
Mike Davis
Although Mark Steyn is Canadian he is a national treasure to America.
wj goh
Everyone knows Michael Mann was dropped on his head by his mother when he was a baby....and also last week while nursing.
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