Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, Dr. William Happer, Ph.D., Keynote 2 days ago   32:33

The Heartland Institute
Mark Steyn talks about his new book, “Climate Change: The Facts” and his lawsuit against climate scientist Michael E. Mann of Penn State University at The Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change on June 12, 2015. To watch all presentations from this conference and others, visit To read all of Mark Steyn’s work, visit

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Johnnie Blackburn
Great speech! I love this man's humor and common sense
Malcolm Clayton
Maurice Strong the globalist from Canada started the climate lie.
According to Al Gore, Florida was supposed to be underwater by now. What happened to that SCIENTIFIC FACT?
William Jackson
In my world climate change is called Mother Nature.
LOL he is great
Jim Wrenn
Humor is timing, and this guy is Jack Benny.
James White
When global warming Nazis grow a sense of humour AND a cerebral cortex, I'll entertain their mythology.
Władca Wymiaru
Why they are laughing? Are they retarded?
Andrew Thein
Mark Steyn clear through to see clearly on my way as I drive along. God bless.
Matthew Williams
Climate Change is Man Made........Weather Control?
Matthew Williams
What About Chemtrails???????????????!
Sebawayh X
why dus he say 'ay' fr the indefinit articl 'a'.
Tracy English
You Tube... Please stop adding the Wikipedia and Encyclopedia links at the bottom of the videos. You're showing your true colors
Matt Barnhouse
Global warming true or false everyone has an opinion on it. Mine is false, but I do believe we need to be much more involved in protecting our planet yes I do. We have the technology to disintegrate trash and recycle things for reuse but yet we continue to put it in the ground. Why? Well because there is more profit in it, years ago people use to have incinerators in their homes to get rid of trash, my family had one. So it’s not that we can’t help clean the environment without getting rid of what we use in fuels and things we have chosen not to. The biggest problem is we have been made to believe things don’t work such as solar, wind water etc. The truth is if we incinerate our trash or use solar or wind to power our homes then no one can control it which is why we continue to pay more every year for the energy we use and the trash they put in the ground. Fuels of all types are needed and are the most efficient in some circumstances and technology has cleaned the output of those fuels to burn cleaner. The one example is something you all see everyday but don’t realize it. That’s semi trucks going down the road which still burn diesel but now burn it cleaner, which if you don’t understand is they no longer are blowing clouds of black smoke. So technology does exist but it’s easier to sell you shit so as to make more money at the end of the day. Just about all monkeys that preach global warming don’t even live it themselves, so what’s that really tell you. So global warming true or false you decide, pollution yes and can we clean that up yes we can without changing everything we use in our lives to live to do so.
colin-man yeates-clan
While you idiots are arguing climate change as if climate never changes.. the State of Islam is enslaving our society and destroying civilization! Oh and let's not forget the BAR Association has infiltrated and assimilated every aspect of law to work against the very people who instituted it "That to secure these rights" ..
go ahead bring a case a hands down case without an attorney (at law not in law, turning it upside down to bring the people to their knees At-turn-knees) who are socialist dick-tators and see how they ignore the written law and shit all over your case, hijack it and pick apart to turn it against you.
And while you're at it why are they not upset about the chem-trails, the fluoride in the water, and all the poisons in vaccines and on and on and on?
colin-man yeates-clan
It's only slander if it is not true! That is it simple. BTW I see this was done 2015 so what is going on with the case??
james mooney
Mark: Please ask Mann if Penn State received a bribe to endorse Global Warming.
If you can bribe your way into College, then you can bribe a College to endorse anything.
Steyn is the man. He fill in for Rush quite regularly and is very good.
Degreed Meteorologist
LOL, Michael Mann was not on the stage. Steyn would get destroyed by Mann onstage in a climate discussion one on one.
Jeremy Schwartz
Steyn is just awesome!!!
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Dr. William Happer, Ph.D., Keynote Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, 2 days ago   34:38

William Happer, Ph.D., accepts the 2015 Frederick Seitz Memorial Award from S. Fred Singer of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and gives the Dinner Keynote at The Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change on June 11, 2015. To watch all presentations from this conference and others, visit

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