Pigs used to be Overpowered Things I Wish I Knew Earlier 1 day ago   07:13

Check out the Extra History episode on Pig Colonialization here: https://ufl.ae/videow/6MazXoAXoN4&vuqjkhu=oekjk.ru

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Extra Credits
Oh, so THAT'S a hell pig... O.o
Peepee poopoo army atack!!
Scp 173
Could we get a video on the hidden class known as the hell hound?
Hey I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I think you could use your high intelligence stat to make a video named “[WHAT IF HUMANS UNLOCKED THE EUSOCIAL ABILITY ]"
Aaron Gronsman
Can anyone tell me what the song at 6:54 was? My brother and I both remember it, but cannont put our fingers on it.
Shadow19384 48391wodahs
I actually love your channe
Juan Diego
"The pigs that humans farm and spawnkill"

DeathSoldier32 IA
The music in the background is giving me a nostalgic orgasm
Zac Danielson
Damn a warthog threw a lioness into the air
King Vince
Honestly, you should do a most overpowered animals list of all time. That would be great!
Those hell pigs are actually zombie pigmen in nether
Dashooo •
Love the Black Ops 2 Music
XDead GhostXx
what is the background music
The Rawhide
I like TierZoo's viewpoint on evolution, seeing it as a game is really cool.
Christian Lecroy
What's your favorite build?
The Absolute End
Can you do a are moose op video
Christian Lecroy
Hey I really like these builds , Im actually working on my own hog build I'm trying to put more points in power than actual def though I'm not sure how.
good pig pixelart
with how scientists found correction code there is actual evidence that we're a video game.
Diogo Guimarães
bro, you should make a wildlife arpg
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Things I Wish I Knew Earlier Pigs used to be Overpowered 1 day ago   07:53

Some tips & tricks I wish I knew earlier in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

How To Unlock Dancer Class: https://bit.ly/2YBbmg4

Ultimate FE3H Gift Guide: https://bit.ly/2YnOvcZ

How To Buy Bait & Gifts: https://bit.ly/2ZqXrdS

How To Unlock Secret 4th Path: https://bit.ly/2SUUDTJ

#FireEmblemThreeHouses #Tips&Tricks

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