Connecterra: Using AI to give nature Street View: Behind the Scenes 2 days ago   02:27

Meet Connecterra, a start-up using machine learning to help dairy farmers keep their cows healthy and make their farms more efficient.

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Faith Ogbotor
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*"Don't tip me over please" in a robot voice said the cow."*
Parker Han
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Luisarturo villanuevahernandez
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Carlos Lara
Manuel Gómez
Carlos Lara
Manuel Gómez
may asis
Ilike google
sardar ali takar pake na warky da tre zvey
Marcia WellnessCoach
drink less milk, that everybody need to do, eat more plants that we need to do, to avoid that thing
Achmad Telephone:+62 089519535890
Franco Brancaccio
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Alam Deewana
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mohammad isvandi
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there. can you help me!
Mee Kerdphimai
sharon louise
Thank you Google for helping
sharon louise
Damn technology is unbelievable
daniel Onyeagoro
Uche ogbuagu entertainer
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Street View: Behind the Scenes Connecterra: Using AI to give nature 2 days ago   01:54

Share - A creative look behind the scenes with Street View to learn how we collect imagery and about the privacy safeguards such as license plate and face blurring.

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