The Future of Work and Leadership by Humanizing Time and the brain: the illusion of now | Hinze 2 days ago   16:47

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The Future of Work and The Next Generation of Leadership by Humanizing the 4th Industrial Revolution

Dr. Seren Dalkiran is a versatile lifelong learner, innovator, (social) scientist and award-winning expert in Millennial leadership and the future workforce in the age of digitalisation. She builds bridges between theory and practise at the nexus of science, society and entrepreneurship. Seren conducted her innovative Ph.D. research in 117 countries on the learning and leadership needs and competencies required for Millennials at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Utrecht University and Varna University of Management with the support of the eminent Professor emeritus Geert Hofstede. She initiated a wide range of projects, organizations and networks in leadership and talent development, lifelong learning and intergenerational cooperation exploring new paradigms responsive to tackle pressing global challenges in a 21st century context. She is the founder of the Millennial Leadership Lab (MLL), a data-driven knowledge platform for and around the Millennial workforce and consults Fortune 500 companies, organizations and universities around young talent management, generation management and the future of work in the 4th industrial revolution. She also initiated and co-founded Synergized Earth Network (SEN), which is a global value-driven network uniting leaders across generations to tackle the most pressing challenges of the 21st century on a social, economic and ecological level. Seren aims to contribute to equipping the next generation of leadership and preparing the (future) workforce by experimenting with new forms of learning (21st century and transferable skills), leadership, organizations and cooperation across generations, disciplines, sectors and industries. Based on her global fieldwork in 28 countries across 6 continents, insights and scientific research she developed a ‘Value-Based Leadership’definition that she elaborates on in her talk. She is a firm believer that taking ownership to become authors of our own growth stories as purpose-driven lifelong learners and aligning our personal and professional development will also create more resilient and agile working cultures, companies and organisations to anticipate on our digital future and bridge the gap with the human factor. This is also a key indicator for a new narrative and paradigm to emerge in her understanding. It is a connecting factor for generations of leaders, professionals and decision-makers at the workplace and in communities to spearhead with experimenting and problem-solving approaches in the new emerging paradigm to ensure a more just, thriving and sustainable world.

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Annemiek Temming
What a powerful and urgent speech Seren! It resonates deeply. It is inspiring because you give a new and meaningful sense of direction based on a strong basis of scientific research. And it urgent and challenging at the same time because we humans need to make a step change there. I truly believe that the answer is within us. By developing and strengthening our inner wisdom, our consciousness and our deepest purpose, we will develop our inner and moral compass to truly humanize this world.
Marvin Mathew
Resonates. Resonates. Resonates. Humanizing the 4th industrial revolution starts with personal ownership that moves into organizational change and ownership. Better CEOs. Stronger enablers. "I choose to risk my significance, to live so that which came to me as seed...goes on to blossom." Powerful.
Seval C.
Love it  Seren! This is what we need in a time where businesses focus on only short term gains  with no space for emotional meaning or purpose...every CEO should listen to this!
Ramon R.
Inspiring presentation backed up by scientific research. Great job Seren.
Michiel de Koning
Love the pledge that you can make to yourself and with others! Much wisdom here!
Lo Hermsen
Yes yes yes! We need a new way of thinking indeed.

I love how you are about to make the shift visible in words and let me, with these 16 minutes of video, travel towards (and connect with) these essential changes from within. A story to be told and applied to all and everyone involved in current day life. I feel you inspire many and support the change that's already finding it's way. You connect many levels, an important role to play.
Angela Miller McGraw
This talk is brilliant! It resonates with much of my experience as a higher education professional. You have synthesized wisdom and insights from a variety of fields and experiences and tightly framed a new direction. Fantastic!
Marianna Trembovler
Dear Seren, thank you for living up to your name’s meaning: Direction.
Offering direction in such turbulent times.

You are a true pioneering leader, delivering a message that is on point, with IMPACTFUL value that is and will continue to serve it’s purpose in our current transition🙏🏻

Bless you for using your Voice with so much Heart and Passion. 💞
Otto Wijnen
Great to see to you speak! I love the tempo and rhythm and your calm présence.
Alexander Keehnen
I love that you bring up Value-Based Entrepreneurship! And around 3:00 you gave a great description of the shift that allows a life of purpose. The "hard" part is... the shift happens not by making extra effort (as we are used to do) but by letting go: when you do less, when you trust your feelings and surrender to all that which you can not control.
Stephan Spieker
Aleksandr Stommels
Nice to see it more then once.
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Time and the brain: the illusion of now | Hinze The Future of Work and Leadership by Humanizing 2 days ago   16:08

How does the brain generate a coherent stream of visual awareness, when different visual features are processed separately in different places in the brain and at different times? And how does it generate the illusion that we live in the present, whereas the neural processes underlying visual perception necessarily take time – thereby incurring delays that are long enough that we should notice them? These are some of the questions that his research seeks to address.

Hinze Hogendoorn is an assistant professor at the department of Experimental Psychology (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Utrecht University. His research interests lie in the temporal aspects of perception, particularly vision.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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