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Binging with Babish
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It would seem as though most modern comedies have a Teddy: a hapless, lovable loser whose behavior straddles the line between funny and halting. Perhaps Teddy Brûlée captures the character better than any other food could - sweet, unhealthy, and holding a blowtorch.

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Binging with Babish
So uh, marshmallow batter? Marshmallow dough? Raw marshmallow? Marshmallow potential?
"Thank you, thank you. I also do really boring birthday parties and doomed weddings."

How do I book you?
penile shaft skin
Please do noodles from kung fu panda
Andrew Lynskey
What’s that watch he’s wearing?
Saif syed :P
You forgot the pretzels in the last to versions..
Shelby Roland
nice to know im not the only one who likes burnt marshmallows
panggop jio
Please make the pasta from lady and the tramp ❤️
VallieMC C
That Alfred impression though, wow 👏
Is your Vinny the same Vinny from Vinesauce ? Probably not, he should be on your show
Egg Trolls
I’m waiting for the day you find Gilmore Girls and the foods of Chef Sookie St. James 😋

She makes rocky road cookies, a chestnut stuffed turkey, and even jalapeño chipotle Mac and cheese before it was trendy
Can we hit 1000 subs with no vids
just realized how hairy babishs arms are thought this mans arms were tan its just his hair
Please make the meatloaf from Jeanne Dielman!
Troy Sinatra
Do peanut butter chocolate cake with kool-aid from redbone. You nerd.
Tia Lipscomb
Lol the edit of the whisk from the tattoo was cool
Christopher Grafing
Do you not have a Searzall?
Nameless Ninja
Could you create the fish burger from spongebob.
So... is there a Mr. or Mrs. Babish? If not, I volunteer as tribute
Yo send me a pack of that shiiiiiit, I’m in Mrs. Piercys room. Lemmy know if yo sliddin or nah
Emily Reilly
I thought that was corn flakes that were invented to stop masturbation
Tayyab Atiq
2:21 "who's your daddy"
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Binging with Babish: Cannoli Binging with Babish: Teddy 1 day ago   06:00

Check out some summer-adventure-recipe-videos I made with Coppola Wine:

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli" - is there a more iconic line spoken in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather? I mean, apart from almost every other line of dialogue? In a film defined by its own endless defining moments, food still manages to stand out as a memorable supporting character. I mean, it wouldn't be much of an Italian mobster film without it.

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