I built a PC with parts from Pirate DVD Showcase 2 | Ashens 2 days ago   16:53

I got this idea when Wish kept showing PC parts when I was sourcing items for the random videos. SPOILER: It was a stupid idea.

I managed to get all the parts from the mighty Wish.com with the exception of the case. But was the low-spec graphics card a fake, as shown on YouTube with more expensive cards? SPOILER: Yes. Yes it was.

Oh well. At least I've got a potentially dangerous computer I can... er... put Linux on and use for editing Raspberry Pi SD card images...?

Those numbers in full (All in £)
PSU: 31
SSD: 34
GFX: 34
Mobo: 34
CPU: 29
CPU Cooler: 8
HDD: 34
RAM: 32
Gift Card & Discount code: -33.21
Case (Not Wish): 23.38
Total: 226.17

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hossein habibpour
Wow, I thought you were gone forever.
why, you ask? Because before hacking that card was worthless. You idiot paid 34 pounds for it...
Christopher Wilson
oh god! just realized the video is at 50 fps. that means he's in a PAL location.... get your slightly lower fps outa here!!
Wiktor M. N.
Linus made a video about these SSD's, they look fine (~300MB/s) until you run more advanced tests (~15MB/s)
For the same price to could buy a new 1tb drive
800w, 10% efficiency.
Q6600 was a Core 2 Quad, socket 775.
Gore Obsessed
shit id take it ive been dieing to play some stubbs the zombie but it wont run on modern windows :(
Ahnaf Habib
Can it run my copy of Crysis 77 from Area 51?
Does it even play the Killjoy remake? ;)
Live off everything from wish for a week.
Ethan Gilbert
I ran across a q6660 a while back. So maybe you saw one somewhere. Nobody I knew had ever heard of it before.
How is Wish legally operating in the US and UK?
You sound like shadowfrax
Peroni and Lime
Anti climax. You needed to show it working
Best Entertainment. Love it.
Splash x
I literally got a wish advertisement on the video please youtube stop
Reid Batrynchuk
While watching a got a ad from wish
official ar
this guy way to funny 😂
Stewie -•
Got a WISH ad
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Pirate DVD Showcase 2 | Ashens I built a PC with parts from 2 days ago   21:37

Pirate DVD horror returns back again! Stuart and Alec dissect some bootleg media featuring Star Wars, Batman, Little, Tom Hanks and some Bruce Willis film we'd never heard of.

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