The scariest moment of my life! Living Tiger attack tiger - Animal 1 day ago   02:24


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M Via
Stoner cant handle his dogs.
Che schifo, che cani di merda.
Tainns Finch-Chat
those are the best types of dogs in the world
WarMachine Igneel
It was so hilarious seein a tiny bark come from bigass kong
Bree joyce
they are like bears xD
Victoria Galantino
OMG these boys are beautiful.
Slav Dog
He clicc. But he also bait
Pot Head
That bark was unexpected lol.
If you are reading this comment remember that someone loves you
Alex Vang
It's like having two chubby Sumo wrestlers fighting over a piece of bacon
You need to change his name to " Balls Johnson "
axel jaramillo
Taylor Gang
What was so damn scary?
That was retarded in a total waste of time. That was the scariest moment of your life? You must live a very boring life
I can see has balls
taryn weiland
those r some big boalls
crazy giirrl
Making me think they were actually fighting. Scared tf out of me!
Sop Lim
That dog is like mike Tyson talking
Tristan Sims
I love the title of the video😂😂😂 then you get into the video it's the two most adorable pits of all time. Love it #hulk
sandra hoyte
Those dogs are over weight they can't even move poor tings
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Tiger attack tiger - Animal The scariest moment of my life! Living 1 day ago   03:43

The tiger is the largest and heaviest member of the cat family. Males of some tigers reach a length of 3 meters and have a weight of over 300 kg. Tigers can see perfectly in the dark, and according to scientists, they can distinguish colors. Bengal and Amur tigers are the largest in their kind. The sizes of these tigers can reach 2,5-2,9 meters in length (without the tail), and the weight of tigers of this species reaches 275-320 kg. The height of the tiger at the withers is 1.15 m.
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