Watch How China Pushes for All Electric Driving into 2025: The Future 2 days ago   07:26

Richard Aguilar
China has already become one of the world’s top supporters of electric vehicles to combat air pollution.

Today's video is all about How China Pushes for All Electric Cars To Fight Air Pollution

Fossil fuel cars have long been known to us as one of the key sources of vehicle emissions resulting to air pollution. This is the reason why China, which is considered as the world’s biggest vehicle market, is considering to put a ban on the production and sale of these so called fossil fuel cars while at the same time switching to all-electric vehicles in the next few decades to reduce air pollution in the country.

Watch the video to learn more...

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Richard Aguilar
China is considering a ban on the production and sale of these so called fossil fuel cars while at the same time switching to all-electric vehicles in the near future. What's your take on this? You can leave a comment here.. Don't forget to Subscribe, share and like this video for more latest updates..
Steven Barrett
Fantastic as long as they ramp up solar and wind with storage rather than burning more coal as that’s just moving the pollution from cars to power stations
hahahahaha watch out the cables , you can trip easily
Curdin Gees
Bring us the clean cars to europe for chinese prises. We need more low cost EVs fast!!
Lau Ling
Depends a lot on price of EV. Performance,etc. Charging station & availablity of station.
Ted Rees
The US with Trump is PATHETIC compared to China. That A.s is clinging to coal, oil, and natural gas.
Ian Eune
Is Aguilar your actual last name?
Nothing here
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Jimmy b747
great video from the best channel on utube. they have a total rigged economy and there gdp has crashed. they have never cared about air quality it's all about trying to rig the car market. good luck to them people will never fall for this scam. there not even buying I phones because they cost to much. BYD car co is partly owned Warren buffet that's says it .thank you and keep up the good
let's see how China does it. but 21 century is India century.
Naimul Haq
I cannot wait for China to be the first to make electric passenger plane.
The Ultimate Reductionist
I SALUTE the Chinese! I am American. I support China's One Child Law. In fact, ALL overpolluters/overconsumers (USA, UK) as well as all over breeders (Africa, Arab nations) need MANDATORY ABORTION & VASECTOMY laws to end the ongoing holocaust of death & suffering forced upon the childfree by breeders. These nations need a ZERO CHILD LAW.
L Dion
Green energy will create new type of adiitional productivities to current GDP in China. In 5 to 7 years, the effect of current green energy will see the result of cleaner air and clear sky.
glenn goodale
Great video as always. Very informative, but very understandable
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