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You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends. And if they start to vote differently than you, some families are willing to pick up, leave and find new friends. Sick of states that permit legal marijuana? Same-sex marriages? Laws that permit transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice? What if there were a better way?

Last year, VICE News went to McKinney, Texas to check out "Conservative "Move" - a real estate company that says it has the solution to living a life free of liberals. They’ll try to find you a place to live, a job with a decent wage, and the best schools for your children, in Texas or any other Republican stronghold.

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they basically don't want to live with non-white people or poor people XD
Blake Vollbrecht
Political brands are for politicians to use as a shorthand descriptor; They aren't an ideology or lifestyle that people are meant to adopt. Why are so many people okay with being this weak-minded? How can you even convince yourself that it's appropriate or correct to stereotype the infinitude of different personalities into one of two categories?
Alex Abreu
Hope they all move to Texas. That would be great for presidential elections. Also, not that I want it to happen but it would be ironic if Texas is one of the places that's hit by climate change the hardest, which is what some think will actually happen
zahalong the people that are actually falling for this ridiculous bs.......YOU ARE A JACKASS!!!!!
Bubba O
I live in McKinney and it really doesn’t doesn’t seem conservative much at all
Sanguine Serenade
Can’t imagine that any conservative would have a problem with libs moving out of town. Why should libs have a problem with conservatives doing what they want? I believe in conversing with and respecting the opinion of people who disagree with me. However, if you don’t like the absurd laws that are being passed in your state, why would you stay?
On Texas Time
LOL. I am a conservative, 5th generation, Texan and I am looking to move OUT of Texas!
Texas is projected to be a strongly blue state by 2028, due to the invasion of LEGAL immigrants from south of the border.
It is becoming difficult to get a job in local government, medicine, banking, hospitality, education, and a myriad of other fields, unless you are bilingual in Spanish and English.
The Texas public school system is one of the worst in the country, due to having to educate the influx of millions of the “poorest of the poor” ; immigrants who are illiterate in their own language (which is Spanish, of course).
Texas has the third highest property tax rate in the nation—-a fact not mentioned in the “Come to Texas!” brochures.
Also, not mentioned in Texas travel brochures, are the high crime rates among the ever increasing Latino population—-not to mention there are more Latinos on welfare than any other group of people in the USA, for whom the good ‘ole taxpayer must foot the bill.
So come to Texas, if you dare. I, for one, am hoping to get the hell out.
Grandmaster Dinner Roll
They want to get away from liberals but they’re moving to McKinney? I lived there for several years, and while it’s already obvious that these two suffer from some sort of mental illness, they must be fuckin stupid to think that McKinney is where they should go.
Timothy Brandriff
Isn't this a form of discrimination? Not being smart a legit question.
Aaron Sejas
“AAAUGHH them safe spaces AAAGHH we’re moving away AAUGHHH HA HA We’re free from them and no it’s not a safe space AAAUGHH HA HA”. Hypocrites
Brent P
I hope they enjoy paying more taxes as Conservatives screw up the country...oh wait, they're RICH and probably racist.
Big swaggy
Considering liberals verbally and physically assault conservatives and hate being around us, I'm not sure why any of you would think this is a bad idea
Eric Franklin
Wow, and they call liberals snowflakes? This is literally a company built on conservatives not wanting to hear anything about liberal ideas, not to mention that he talks about avoiding people who don’t want to help themselves, but that’s exactly what they are doing by refusing to listen to other ideas. Pretty sad.
Too much stuff. I thought conservative people lived conservatively . Look the same to me, repeat story, just under a different umbrella. They don’t explain their philosophy, just repeat.
I love this idea!!!
If you want to be free of liberals completely you need to move to the middle east where they execute them gay/feminist/progressive liberals.
East Ville
I'm not white. I'm moving out of the city because people have gone mad. It's everywhere--- stick up for the mentally ill, get stabbed. Stick up for the blacks, get mugged. Our homeless population has spun out of control, there are illegals everywhere who are a few hunger pangs from assaulting you. This video is pointing the the very real problem of criminality that get avoided, and brushes it as scared white people. This country is turning to shit, and Vice knows it, why do you think they are course correcting?
why is he carrying around a 6y old like it's a baby? Already safe spacing the kid?
I can't believe these people want to live in a place where all the citizens appear to all think the same. That story doesn't usually end up going so well
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Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we're left, right, or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most. Jonathan Haidt studies how -- and why -- we evolved to be moral. By understanding more about our moral roots, his hope is that we can learn to be civil and open-minded.

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