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Did you spot these awesome Easter eggs in the new trailer for #Marvel’s #AvengersEndgame? This video breaks them all down — and gives you our theory about the film’s timeline!

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Written, hosted, and edited by Ryan Arey. (http://twitter.com/ryanarey/)

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Who should be the Avengers' next villain?
Ray Prince
Ryan got right Clint's family dusting after the high five. But....

the battle scenes predictions were way off. Thor wasn't looking around Wakanda. Rocket wasn't at Bucky's old hut. Tony and Nebula didn't get home on their own. Neither did Scott.

Ryan did get the 5-year time jump right. And yes, most of the trailer happens in the first 20 minutes.

Considering the Russos made sure to misdirect us in the promos, you guys did a good job!
Naya -Monet
Captain America didn’t mess up time when he lived his life with Peggy because the other was still unfrozen on schedule.
Mariah Crawford
How the hell is he so on point about the whole move😱
How in the HELL did you know MONTHS ago that there would be a 5 year time jump??? This is incredible...
Ayush Kaithwas
dude you were so right
timoci Veisamasama
"Red was the colour of death..." ahh yeah it was Iron Man😭
Okan 101
Daniel Jerome
Iron man dies and everyone comes back to life.
Lucricious The Trainer
Sadly, besides the time travel and time jump number, all your predictions turn up into the film
TheRedQueenGamer 20079
Lol i just watched it
Gomez Vlogs
Its not in the same location because the final fight begins on the Avengers Headquarters
ITzz_ gaming_ time
i already watched it i cried but it is still good
Joseph Alackara
I think that they travel back in time and thor goes to the time before he goes for the chest and then he is confused
Blaster Gameplay
Its proffesor hulk noth smarthulk
My theory is that the Avengers will travel back in time to and kill Thanos before the chitari invasion even happens. This would make it so Avengers 1 never happened, and that also means Age of Ultron wouldn't have happened either because Tony would have never created Ultron. So they would be able to send Steve back in time to be with Peggy and he would never have to be in current time. Tony would most likely sacrifice himself for the greater good to defeat Thanos and bring everyone back using the Stark Tech Infinity gauntlet after gathering the Infinity Stones from throughout time with the help of Scott Lang in the Quantum Realm. Thor is a bit harder to guess but I believe he will bring back Asgard, his people, Loki, and Heimdal. Bruce is said to become Professor Hulk, a mix of Bruce's mind and Hulk's strength, and he will be stuck that way. I think Natasha will finally get together romantically with Bruce aka Professor Hulk even though he is stuck as the Hulk. Clint will most likely be able to finally be able to retire and will pass down the mantle of Hawk-Eye to his eldest daughter.

I have no life and my friends and family think I am insane.
Theodor Huhta
I think when Scott Lang is in the message on the screen he is in the past and from there he is gonna stop Thanos click with is fingers.... MAYBE???
invisible visible
Old Hawkeye's Weapon
ScreenCrush: See Iron Man? He's from Iron Man 1, 2 and 3! That's three whole movies!
Robert Torrez
nice click bait thumbnail
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Every Avengers: Endgame Theory Avengers: Endgame Trailer: Every 1 day ago   1:08:30

Your ultimate guide to the best Avengers: Endgame theories! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Audiences left Avengers: Infinity War with their jaws on the floor. The biggest problem in the MCU has arguably been their villains and the fact that the heroes always won. That all changed when Thanos collected all six Infinity Stones and wiped out half the universe. Why did he do this? For the greater good, or so he kept telling himself.

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is just around the corner and it seems that the theories surrounding what may happen in the mysterious movie have been growing exponentially. If you thought Marvel Studios and the MCU had a lot of movies, well, then just imagine how many theories have come from all of them. Before you waste any more time scrolling through reddit and looking for more insight on the latest Iron Man meme -- let us break things down for you. We’ve gathered together some of the top Avengers: Endgame theories and check this out: a majority of them could be true! So don’t worry, we’re not going to try and convince you that Wolverine and Deadpool are hiding on Tony Stark’s ship back to Earth! Now let’s dive right in!


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