Inside America's First Private The Rise And Fall Of Hooters Air 2 days ago   05:04

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Take a look inside America's first private terminal for the 1 percent. Popular among celebrities and millionaires, the Private Suite at LAX has its own TSA check, 12 luxury suites, and a fleet of BMWs that drive up to the planes.

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Inside America's First Private Terminal For Millionaires

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Shinjian Song
Avations Nerds_Gimme
Evan Lipman
waste of time
Javonte Coleman
Damn she fine! 😂 But seriously, she is gorgeous. ☺️
Hex Boriken
This better not be funded by tax $
Eternal Light
This is how Capitalism works. You get anything you want not like communism
Producer to her team - who wants to volunteer for our new video

Team - me...

Producer - anime face
rremy 101
That is the

Dumbest thing I’ve heard
Craigs dad
The last name tho
You know that all the drinks, candy and toiletries are ALL embedded into the price of the stay. I would clean out everything before leaving.
Faith Damron
Sorry to be the person to make a BTS thing but BTS needs to do this to be safe
*just stop being poor*
Am I the only one who likes airports?!?
Prematie Bhagaloo
Kpop idols need this
syazmerhaaa WDW
Private suite, bmw, but still using the stairs to enter the plane😂
Earldean Reyes
Total waste of money
Joey Luna
Go to Singapore’s Best Changi Airport for 5mins for FREE and it’s still better than this
Nathaniel Taberner Smith
the idea of privacy for a celebrity makes a lot of sense but omg this is so unnecessary and extra like really? a spa? the rich/poor divide is so fucked up
Kayy Kim
Flamer Gamer
TARMACCC!!!!!!!!!!! why just why
Christine Naysh Suarez
That's what you get for being a muggle, I can fly on my broomstick while you cant xD
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The Rise And Fall Of Hooters Air Inside America's First Private 2 days ago   06:03

You might not remember it, but at one point Hooters had an airline. Hooters Air launched in 2003, but closed about three years later. The company cited a number of reasons for the airline's failure, including a $40 million loss. But in the short time that Hooters Air existed, it made a major economic impact on one city in particular — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — that's where the airline was headquartered, and where it brought thousands of tourists every week.

We talked to people who worked for Hooters Air — flight attendants and one pilot (who asked to remain anonymous). They told us what it was really like to work for the airline (which featured two Hooters Girls on every flight) and dispelled some common misperceptions about what it was like to fly it. Hooters declined to comment for this story.


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