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Take a look inside America's first private terminal for the 1 percent. Popular among celebrities and millionaires, the Private Suite at LAX has its own TSA check, 12 luxury suites, and a fleet of BMWs that drive up to the planes.

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Inside America's First Private Terminal For Millionaires

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Nathan Callidor
Nice target.

I am sure you will live long lives.......
Peter Ikenye
Police 159
Well my taxes won’t be going towards that.
I am literally Fcuking envious angry enraged mad as hell
conner cook
you can charter a private jet for the same price
William Anderson
Get rid of the TSA. And privatize airport security, then there will be incentive to get people through quickly.
Millionaires and multimillionaires have their own private VIP terminal at LAX. A logistics team of Eight people involved are your and yours alone while you are staying at LAX and to take full-on VIP care of you.
With posh or very posh suites that looks like hotel rooms stocked with the entire alphabet in a Kitchenette of heathy fresh hot and cold foods snacks beverages.
Then there's everybody and anybody else me me included who eat consume peasant fast foods and drinks for the masses of riffraffs
Kane Holmes
This ain't nothing compared to Dubai's private airport
What's next I wonder??!! Fcuking private terminal for exclusively for Billionaires and multi--billionaires are next on the construction list at LAX.
What’s next, Private terminal for billionaires?
Luke Wallis
Creating a bigger diversion in society idiots this planets fcuked
BartsTrapHouse XBL
Caroline afganastan
“We asked our LA team to check it out” Shows 1 girl taking a selfie video.
narwhal has left the server
Going through the main terminal is more fun and interesting than this shit...
Seems tailor made for insecure people obsessed with the allusion of affluence.
No fancy bottle of wine, or hotel room will fill that empty void in your life unless is shared with real friendships, and partnered with a commitment to pursue a worthy endeavor bigger and greater than yourself.
Private terminal !! Lol lets widen the gap between the rich and able, and the average person or less. Lets also create more social issues. Great idea !! Lol
David Lerosh
Every reason to hate California even more
This makes me wish more for the San Andreas to happen. Perhaps this will slow down those greedy people with there nose up.
batty boy
This is what's wrong with America.
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Why China Loves KFC Inside America's First Private 1 day ago   04:42

KFC is extremely popular in China — it made almost 5 billion dollars in 2017. One of the first American fast-food chains to open in China, KFC quickly established dominance over China's emerging fast food market. KFC's Chinese menu does an excellent job of adapting to local tastes, offering everything from congee (rice porridge) to egg tarts. While Americans may associate KFC with being cheap fast-food, in China the brand is perceived as high quality.


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Why China Loves KFC

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