This Podcast Might Be Stronger Medical Miracles with Ambien 2 days ago   04:24

Everyone knows a guy like Drew Ackerman: the guy at parties who keeps talking about pointless topics until you manage to escape to the bathroom.

But unlike your local rambler, he’s been able to turn his knack for quirky into a career, by putting to people to sleep with an incredibly boring podcast called “Sleep With Me”.

His voice isn’t particularly pleasant or soothing — he himself calls it “creaky”, but for his fans, there’s something comforting about hearing Drew drone on about such non-crucial topics as grammar, underwear styles, and Trader Joes’ ability to keep shelves stocked during the holidays.

Sleep With Me is quickly approaching its 750th episode and racks up about 3 million downloads a month.

And now, for the true Sleep With Me Fanatic, Drew offers live podcast experience sleep sessions.

"I’m more like a buddy. Like, they call on the phone, you’re like, 'Hey, I cannot sleep.' Or I’m having the worst day. Just tell me some random stuff about your day, " Drew says.

VICE News dropped in on one of these live podcast events to find out what it’s like to fall asleep, live, in a pool of fellow insomniacs.

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Amy Taylor
❤️ Scooter! Puts me to sleep every night
I got it into my head that he was a guy with light brown hair and a beard, but I pictured him older and chunky!

Wonderful guy and not boring at all, what he is is gifted at creating specific content to be rambling and pointless! Thank you for the work you do.
I seriously love this podcast. I don't think I ever stay awake long enough for the story, the intro really does it lol
He has a voice of Rick from Rick and Morty :)))
Torey Lacey
Can't recommend this podcast enough!
Will Smith
This was cool, I'll have to check him out. This guy is starting to be another one of my favorite vice reporters
man that dudes haircut is awesome
I have problems getting to sleep due to my mind going over crap in my life that stresses me out. I found that putting on Star Trek episodes from TNG to Enterprise works a treat. I’ve seen them so many times that it’s just a drone going on that drowns out my brain and let’s me sleep. Mostly I’m asleep in minutes.
ramos ramirez
CPG gray just join to the chat
Andrew Mack
Used this past two nights and it has worked wonders ! Tried a bunch of drugs like melatonin, diazepam, temazepam marijuana, you can't rely on benzodiazepine regularly, marijuana affects rem sleep. So my regime lately has been listening to this, vape some CBD and one tablet of melatonin and it works wonders !
Take a 5 minute cold shower, do 5-60 minutes of exercise/yoga in the morning, install Redshift, F.lux and Twilight on your PC, tablet, smartphone etc, go to bed and wake up early. You'll sleep like a baby at night.
Johnny NiteTrain
I listen to Startalk cosmic queries when I lay down, not because it’s boring but because then I have dreams of flying at light speed through the galaxy.
Mansur estes
Hey I listen to this podcast it helps a lot
Elvis Rambo
Ugh this guys voice is gross
I wanna hang out with the lady who's taking shots and smoking pot!
Vile Crocodile
Yeah but some people like excuses to get drugs.
Ordinary Non Player Character
Learn to Code.
Danny Eric Benavidez
Sam Harris without a doubt the man who can interest you And than make you have some great sleep with his mono tone voice...theres also the Americas diamond paid program here Texas we're this man with with an extremely monotone boring voice talks about the diamond grading system.
angelinblackink or Mike
I gotta admit, this is pretty neat.
Com Truise
luke wilson vibes
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Medical Miracles with Ambien This Podcast Might Be Stronger 2 days ago   19:02

Zolpidem tartrate, or Ambien, has been prescribed to millions of insomniacs internationally, yet those who use the drug to ensure a good night's sleep are seldom aware it also possesses the ability to normalize functioning in certain types of damaged neurons, a phenomenon called "the Ambien effect." The first awakening occurred in 1999 when a man who had spent three years in a persistent vegetative state spontaneously regained consciousness after ingesting a 10mg tablet. Since then, hundreds of patients have experienced miraculous recoveries from traumatic brain injury using Ambien. Hamilton Morris travels from South Africa, where the Ambien effect was first discovered, to England to interview a physician on the cutting edge of Ambien research, and then to Florida to meet a voice-over artist who depends on Ambien to speak.

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