California's Plan to Get to 100 Percent Clean Should the World Fear China’s 1 day ago   05:48

Bloomberg Technology
Sep.11 -- Bloomberg NEF's Stephen Munro discusses California's landmark adoption of the 100 percent clean-energy mandate. He speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."

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Henri Sakakini
Learn how to use clean solar alternative power
Tom Meyers
100 percent clean. Only 3% of what is needed. The Solar cells are made on the moon to cut down on pollution. The Batteries are buried in the Sun.
Ryan VanGelder
Please try to buy hybrids and EV's, thanks.
Steve G
it should be all of USA people need to wake up and start recycling start planting trees and flowers and get off fossil fuels
Hello everyone, who here look to change is house to solar? Let me know I have special offer for you guys!
Something tells me it's all too late far too late, the Developing World is not going to go green at least not to the level required. Unless the developed World is going to do free Technology transfers ie become a grown-up, which is not going to happen. The Trump administration has disclosed their projection, if correct it all too late no matter what's done, hence their lack of interest in trying to stop the inevitable. It looks like we're going to have to learn Terraforming a lot sooner than we needed to do, and Earth is going to be our first and possible last experiment, in getting this right. Here's hoping...
Google User
ANY government that MANDATES these measures is in FACT
a tyrannical and corrupt government.
And what the low IQ liberals don't understand is Solar only works well in the WEST!!!
Due to solar exposure levels in the rest of the nation, solar panels produce MUCH less power.
So you must spend 2-3 times moreto generate the same amount of power as in southern California.
Another FACT is that without government welfare, solar companies wouldhave gone bankrupt DECADES ago because like recycling, it is in FACT a money LOSER
So is california going to cut the lines entering the state too or just pretend to be 100% clean energy? Solor panels are good for 20 years or so. After that the panels are crap and also hazardous to dispose of. Its just a short time fix and not long term. Same with all the batteries, what about all those when they go bad too?... also, at 3:38, thats a coal plant scrubber system, thats steam, not pollution. Media pushing more bullshit.
Freddie Riboni
Leftist pigs...I live in San Diego
The poor get poorer and the rich get Richer.. and pay no taxes..
All those pinche overlords Beurocrats care about is the rich
you will just see no power
Ron Young
Kookie Dems think there is global cooling, no, global warming, no, climate change. That's it! Get ready for the cost of living to increase 10 fold! 2 years and good bye Commie-fornia!!!
We-Got-Green__ Lightsabers yet
So who and where are you idiots gonna get the lead for all those green cars your forcing on the public and what is your plan for recycling all of that TOXIC LED?
watcher someone awake
Climate Hoax brought to you by California's Extreme Leftist-Socialist Progressives based on junk science. And accepted by all the gullible little sheep as they happily go off to slaughter...
We-Got-Green__ Lightsabers yet
They will make other states pay for it! Fix your damn state without help !
Donald McCarthy
We already have 5.2c of warming locked into the system. Thanks to the effects of global dimming we don't get to experience this. Clean energy will rocket us hothouse. This is the paradox of quantum meteorology. Dirty energy buys us more time and more pain while clean energy puts an end to the human experiment in applied consciousness very quickly.
This is an extraordinary step, and I commend California for this, but no one is going to convince me that Calfornia is an environmental "leader" or whatever shit until they fix up some of their other problems that are just as bad for the environment.
Erik G
Better hope the Sun and wind return to the square miles of solar panels, and wind turbines.Before the vast battery banks  running hospitals, dinking water and sewerage pumping stations, etc go dead.
Bruce Lee
You know it sounds even better than clean energy.... Free energy
i got solar panels three years ago here +18553395376 and now i can feel like saving money cos my bills are pretty small
California is leading the way. I just did a video a few days ago about tesla and how the laws are in favor of electric vehicles and California is going to be an all electric car state by 2040. The program is called the zero emissions vehicle program. There are 8 other states who are trying to follow their footsteps but are taking way too long. The rest of the country needs to catch up and make this happen sooner! Look what Elon Musk did in Australia, call him and this will be done by 2030!!!!!
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Should the World Fear China’s California's Plan to Get to 100 Percent Clean 1 day ago   29:36

Will China dominate global green energy markets? China has overtaken the U.S. to become the number one exporter of solar goods and services. In 2017 alone, China added more solar capacity than the total solar capacity of any other country. How has China built its solar industry and what are its challenges? Government subsidies have driven development, but have also led to overcapacity and trade tensions. Should government subsidies be cut?

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