Why Hellboy Failed How A $4 Million Lawsuit Created 'Shazam!' 1 day ago   11:21

Behind-the-scenes disputes and actor meltdowns are just the beginning...

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Frighthouse Station
My opinion? Those who felt there needed to be a "Hard R" version missed the entire point of the series. Hellboy was all about atmosphere. The animated movies got this.
Barry Wheeler
don't care. still liked it. :-)
Jasen Petkov
Hellboy reboot was waaaayyyyy more fun than Venom
Gabriel Chong
If your only reason you think this movie failed is because “it didn’t have Ron Perlman and Del Toro”, then you missed out on a pretty good adaptation of the source material because you have zero ability to come up with opinions of your own.

Hellboy wasn’t spectacular, but it was a very fun movie that delivered on the humor and gore that a lot of fans of the source material really wanted. David Harbour was great in this role and the climax of the movie has a rather incredible and terrifying take on hell on earth. There was one or two areas where the pacing hurt and some lame special effects, but this was otherwise an enjoyable movie.

Sometimes you have to just give a movie a watch to change your preconceptions. I thought the movie “Stardust” looked like shit in the previews and then found it was a fantastic movie. I thought “Alita” was going to be shit but I also rather liked that movie too.
Krimson Prinse
No Ron, No Cigars, No Cats, No Liz, Constant Undermining, and overhead changes between producers ,and director. You telling me nobody out there could have given the fans the last piece of the trilogy? Now I I think we deserve H3 even more to make up for this unwanted rebooted mess. Ron, we all want the conclusion, hope to see you back in red someday man.
Step cat
Like every one else on the planet we wanted Ron and Guillermo in an arc ending rated R Hell on earth and full Hell Boy monster mash... perfect trilogy
Rotten tomatoes is not a reliable source
Perun Bog Groma
Dialogue in this movie makes NO FUCKING sense. Insisting on constant gore makes no sense, constant swearing and decapitations.... It's a mess
Fatherrrandy Gaines
Alice was the best part of the movie🤷🏽‍♂️
All of you are nuts. After Hellboy 2 you're really going to rag on this reboot? This reboot was awesome. No offense to Ron Perlman but he wasn't missed.......at all. Great movie.
Jon Lurn
His rock arm felt useless throughout the movie.
Gaming HD Saad
I can see everything wrong with it but I loved and enjoyed it. It’s like venom. Not necessarily good but u still have a hell of a time watching it
The Gun was dope in the Film. Harbour did a good job, but the film sucked!!
Christopher Marabella
It failed cuz it was a bad movie, simple as that
I don't like Hellboy. Never did. The premise of "officialy certified demons emloyed by government/whatnot" does not sit well with me. But 2019 > old ones in the same way subs > 4kids dub.
Zaid Sayyed
I watched this movie 2 time and i found its watchable and i liked it
Fadhil K
its not the best movie better but 9% is a tad bit too harsh
Mike L
It wasn't that bad
Dewald Erasmus
Lets reboot HellBoy with worse acting, worse special effects and a horrible story. Thats what people want!
Freedom First
Who directed and produced this movie, the White House?
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How A $4 Million Lawsuit Created 'Shazam!' Why Hellboy Failed 1 day ago   08:13

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How A $4 Million Lawsuit Created 'Shazam!'

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