HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel NEW SLOT!! Feline Fortune Slot 2 days ago   08:17

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Luis Cabrales
Trip is that jacob was the style the canelo strugled that african boxing looks like canelo is learing
J Perez
Canelo- the man with the iron chin!
Bassassin Master
Jacobs did way worst in this fight then GGG. I didn't think that would be the case since Jacobs was bigger and faster then GGG.
Martin Shukar
Im glad canelo aint runnin nomore.. Hes coming back to his mexicanfighting style ....
William Ayala
Why do people hate on Canelo . But end up still watching his fights lol
Larry L
I swear every Jacobs fight I see he looks like a lightheavyweight.
louie Drip
Canelo split decision win you gotta really watch the fight lot of them shots were blocked by jacobs... Good fight
Peter Johannsen
Jacobs has glue feet. Biggest flaw.
francis king
I went to mexico and came back as arnold schwarzenegger body 😂😭👌 and i only ate tacos😂😂😂😂
Anyone who doesn't have canelo in top 3 pounds for pounds is a straight up hater
Canelo is a boxer that this generation and many to come will study and admire 🥊
He should have never fought Mayweather at 21 but then again cuz of that experience vs Mayweather mofo became a beast I don't see no middleweights taking Canelo belts
Uriel Grullon
By unanimous decision que, como....
Victor Vasquez
No se callo pork está dopado canelo pelea dopado usando basura ese gope hasta su abuela lo escuch
Crinklyten 215
Jacobs had no business in the ring that night, he was no match for Canelo.
Dra Jackson
Canelo was too active and accurate for Jacobs
F Gal
Jacobs was just there for a paycheck 😂
Joseph Paladion
Jacobs lost alot of early rounds..didnt throw enough punches..this was canelo's best performance being that jacobs was alot bigger in weight and size
Xamz Yumz Independent Rapper / Song writer
Jacob the bigger man & was scared to get K.oD
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