Making AWKWARD SITUATIONS in Drive Vy Qwaint Love Song - I QUIT 1 day ago   15:17

Project Zorgo is making Awkward Situations in a Drive Thru and he's doing it to mess with me! After the Hacker Girl Game Master showed up with Giant Jenga to Take her Mask off after we spinned the mystery wheel and did whatever is said. I thought it was like throwing a dart and doing whatever it lands on, but We didn't do it for 24 hours overnight, but I almost won $10,000 and mystery prizes but she took it away! so I have to tell Chad Wild Clay or Vy Qwaint about their plan. They could be after lucas and marcus or morgz next! I have to figure out who is this project zorgo girl is or if she knows pz9! We have to make sure rebecca zamolo's twin isn't involved or justin either maybe daniel from exposing project zorgo or pz4. we need to figure it out!

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Super fire Gaming
I saw that to
Rosiemay John
So did I love Chad and vy I saw his scaliting mask as well
sameer Khalid
Its pz9 I saw his skeleton mask
Quameek Alexander
PZ20 Should Help You Defeat Project Zorgo Once And For All
Chhangte Lz
The hacker is PZ9
Christina Demetrio
Pz20 is not pz9 hes different
Christina Demetrio
Elisabeth Tanzil
I live at indonesia and in jakarta i see a peaple wearing pz9 mask but is not pz9 is a person that i don’t now
Mubashir Khan مبشر خان
Project zorgo is watching...
Bear GachTube
Up and you play it and you play the play with your game and you get the game you get it it and you get to the game you play play and you get the play and you get to the game
Under pz 20s mask there was the same skeleton mask he is pz9
Leandro Lica
PZ20 is in the spirit tunnels
Kristian Forrester
Pz9 I know is you that hacker I saw a Pz9 mask lol
Saeed Alzaabi
Pz20 is pz9 I saw a skeleton under his mask
Vicki Lee
Pz9 loves mcdonalds
Vicki Lee
That is pz9
Tea Janevska
Ninja Fornite boy 1264
That’s PZ9
الند عليكو
Jennifer Salgado
lolo jajajaja
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Vy Qwaint Love Song - I QUIT Making AWKWARD SITUATIONS in Drive 1 day ago   05:30

Vy Qwaint Love Song - I QUIT PROJECT ZORGO - Prank Call

Today we prank call the Project Zorgo leader when PZ48 tells him a Vy Qwaint love song! PZ48 uploaded the original Vy Qwaint love song to our friend Kawaii Kunicorn's channel and it's now on the Official Project Zorgo Music channel. It is amazing so make sure you check it out here 👉

For this prank call to the PZ leader, we use clips from the Vy Qwaint love song to trick him into thinking he's really speaking to a Project Zorgo member!

PZ48 used to be a member of Project Zorgo, but he has a crush on Vy Qwaint and now he doesn’t want to be a member of Project Zorgo anymore! He came up with a secret plan to try and get Vy to notice him by writing a Vy Qwaint love song, but everyone knows she’ll never leave Chad Wild Clay!

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💠💠Project Zorgo and The Destiny Stones Playlist💠💠

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Here's Vy Qwaint's latest video:
HAHAHA! VY QWAINT's YouTube Belongs to Us Project Zorgo Hackers for 24 Hour Challenge in Real Life!

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