HK MG4 Machine Gun Live Fire In African MG4 shooting in slowmotion 1 day ago   01:25

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Video shows Spanish special forces live firing the german made Heckler & Koch MG4 machine gun in the African Desert.

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Video by Pvt. Justice Tilley

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*gets hit by one of those bullets* “oof”
I have a question; they appear to be doing a peel maneuver, but instead of light infantry, they are using jeeps and MGs. Why?
What kind of enemy would not be overcome by the jeeps just simply over running their position or out maneuvering them? Why not just either drive towards the enemy and engage them, or just drive away?
M - Studio
Tango tango 😃
Are they shooting women and children or enemy combatants? We don't know...because they didn't show us!
Nice little toys they have..but desert don't shoot back😂😂
Der Kolben
Not as iconic as the classic Kraut BRRRRRRT
Kar Lead
Luckily for them there's no returning fire
Wesboy ltd
Mdr il font trop les mec qui vise alors qu'il tire sur rien du tt
Riddick tonn
In 10 years I’ll bet police raids look like this. Cops are almost here already.
Oi You!
The guns pintle mount is too high..! The gunner should squat to the gun, not stand on tiptoe. If the weapon is too high, 0:34, it's a fucker to reload/ lift top cover and seat ammo belt. It's OK at the range but when the Shit hits the fan it's not funny, (before you ask, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, kosovo, ...........).
Airborne Ranger, 1 each
Stefan B
Mg42>Mg3>Mg4 Change my mind!
Micheal Laymance
I have one of these. Best machine gun in my collection...😲😲👍👍✌✌✌💯💯👀👀👀🔥🔥
Perfect Tube-BD
It is very fierce to see these firing faces face-to-face.
What doing Spain in Afrika? Go Home !!!!
Claude Sigma
The Spanish should come back to Europe and take care of the problems at home, instead of fighting/training in an African desert.
Mohammed Sadok
I wonder what Spain is doing in Africa.
Arcus Megrella
thug life
Ian Mangham
Git Sum
Tremor V2
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MG4 shooting in slowmotion HK MG4 Machine Gun Live Fire In African 1 day ago   03:54

Aufnahmen des MG4 mit slowmotion und Wärmebildkamera.

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