Breakfast on the Farm! | Learning Animals Preschool Learning Songs | Learn 2 days ago   19:38

Hazel's Mom
It's morning at the farm and time to get our animals up to feed them breakfast! Join Hazel's Mom and her friend Rooster as they wake up the animals and get them ready for the day!

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Kids Learn Color Rhymes
creative video and very interesting to watch, good jobs. Thanks for sharing
The Dino Wrangler
Horses and pumpkins who knew! Great video!
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Preschool Learning Songs | Learn Breakfast on the Farm! | Learning Animals 2 days ago   31:20

Alphabet Animals and more preschool learning songs collection. Learn phonics and the alphabet, colors, counting, animals and more! Lots of fun learning songs for young children. Sing along and learn with Bounce Patrol!

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