Why Australia’s booming renewable energy California's Renewable Energy Problem 1 day ago   07:03

ABC News (Australia)
The world’s current plan to slow global warming is the Paris agreement – signed by more than 170 countries in 2016.
Under that deal Australia pledged to reduce its emissions by 26 percent, of 2005 levels by 2030.
Most of Australia’s carbon emissions come from four areas of our economy – transport, industry, agriculture, and electricity.

Electricity makes up about 34 percent of our emissions… and they’re trending down. That’s because there’s been a decrease in gas and coal fired power… and a boom in renewables.
But now renewable projects are starting to hit hurdles.

Stephanie March investigates for Four Corners.

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David Canatella
transmission from roof to house
Merv Stent
Australia get out of fraudulent Paris Climate Agreement 👍
Noble Tarkan
The Paris Agreement is in no way a "plan" - and one has only to look at the 'undertaking' of Pakistan to see this - who basically say, "we aren't going to do anything until we reach 'peak carbon''". Its a joke that Western nations push while others ignore; which make us less competitive in the international market and them more competitive because they don't support carbon reduction costs.
"Long term goals" This is what we are sorely lacking in the U.S. Incentives for alternative energy change with every change in government. With the current administration, we're stalled out yet again! Fortunately, local governments are taking some actions, but it falls well short of what's needed to save the planet.
Annabelle Martinez
Australia weather is good for solar. But I hope people will also plants trees and plants to counter climate change. As day goes by we will experience more heat and we turn our aircons and electricfans causing us to use more electricity.
Brendan King
So if we crank up the subsidies to prop up these new energy businesses and get to 50% wind and solar, our global greenhouse gas emission contribution will be 0.5 (50% of current electricity) x 0.34 (34% electricity of total emissions) x 0.011 (1.1% Australia’s contribution to human made CO2) x 0.04 (4% of total CO2 emission from human sources) x 0.2 (20% max CO2 effect on greenhouse effects) x 0.05 (greenhouse gases estimated effects on global temperatures @ 5%) = 0.5 x 0.34 x0.011x0.04x0.2x0.05 = 0.00000075 of temperature change, Thats presuming the models and theories are right despite the predictions being wrong for the last 40 years. So how many billions were we going to spend in taxpayer subsidies in doing nothing, so we can feel like we are doing “something” or being a “leader”?
M Detlef
So, just build MORE transmission lines. And install the panels as fast as they can make them. Add them ALL to the grid.
Screw that expensive energy. Buy United states natural gas. Cheap, efficient, and most importantly clean.
What a load of bull shit! Such a scam. How ridiculous. It’s all a lie.
Philip Thomas
Tim Bozza
Correction to the intro:
There has been an increase in gas fired power generation, not a decrease as this news reporter incorrectly asserted as fact. That's one of the main reason for reduced emissions given the reduced CO2 to power produced ratio.
Andrew Sandry
Or just make it legal for people too use solar power without connecting too the grid, but that will not happen because it helps people not government
It should be called NBN 2 and not Snowy 2. It takes more power to pump the water into the reservoirs than it will make letting it back through the turbines. Another white elephant thanks to the LNP, but people keep voting for them.
Engr. Rushd
Mega Project Uncertainty. Rapid Global Economic Change. Outdated Grid Who and When to be decided ???
Calvin Yzerman
Solar Power has never been more affordable ☀
Congratulations Australia. You got yourself just about the most expensive electricity in the world, an unreliable system with constant brown outs and black outs, and your chief scientist has admitted that it won't make any noticeable difference to global temperature. As a country with huge uranium deposits, you missed out on the opportunity to get cheaper, 100% reliable power, with zero emissions. This is what happens when politicians put dogma before science.
Fractured O1
The issue for the AEMO related grid is that the bills do not explain the breakdown of where percentage of the charges are going. In 2018 second quarter connected all states (and the ACT) linked had the largest percentage by far on the retailer.

This meant generation, transmission / network charges were different depending on the location. I have not seen the latest stats.
Current renewable tech (solar and wind) is not a reliable source of base load power. So the renewable industry want a big battery like snowy hydro to mask this fact so they can keep pandering to the government for more tax payer subsidies and claim its a real solution for securing Australia power generation. At least there was a some kernel of truth to this pretty vacuous story with the guy at the end saying that if coal fire power stations closed tomorrow then we are basically screwed for a few decades. Germany found that out pretty quickly and are now reopening their coal and gas power stations. They know its folly until there is a revolutionary step (not evolutionary) in battery tech or we can somehow control the weather so the wind continually blows and the sun continually shines. You can tell the ABC are trying their very best to adhere to their renewable narrative but the truth continued to poke its head out.
T Aikens
Power needs pushed down the lines like water solar is a fail as on large scale you lose to much power buy the time it gets there.Hydro is the why to go ,here in NZ we built big Dams 50-60 years ago and are still going strong today
Our Emissions are not an issue our issue is not building more coal power stations. Renewables are the most expensive ways to make power as they dont always make power. Canada and Germanys power prices are so high due to taking up renewables. Without subsides renewables will not exist as a business. All this solar and what powers us at night, coal.
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California's Renewable Energy Problem Why Australia’s booming renewable energy 1 day ago   18:01

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