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ABC News (Australia)
The world’s current plan to slow global warming is the Paris agreement – signed by more than 170 countries in 2016.
Under that deal Australia pledged to reduce its emissions by 26 percent, of 2005 levels by 2030.
Most of Australia’s carbon emissions come from four areas of our economy – transport, industry, agriculture, and electricity.

Electricity makes up about 34 percent of our emissions… and they’re trending down. That’s because there’s been a decrease in gas and coal fired power… and a boom in renewables.
But now renewable projects are starting to hit hurdles.

Stephanie March investigates for Four Corners.

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10010011 Midg
Australia is the prime candidate for becoming completly CO2 neutral. Plenty of space plenty of sun and wind. And a small population of only 25 Million people. Pretty sure Australia will be among the first nations with almost no carbon emissions.
Praque Forqsk
Enter Chinese nuclear power. They do work, it's just that the components come from Radio Shack; but don't worry.
Byron's Big Hike
0:01 wtf is this, a Paul Greengrass movie?
Lucius Irving
The whole world needs reliable, ecomical and environmentally-friendly energy. I hope someone can make Doctor Octavius ideals for a good energy source become a reality, fusion or not.
Saddy SLY
I wonder how they keep all the weeds down?
The Eh Team
Unban civillain nuclear power. France and Ontario get 60% of their electricity from nuclear with no problems.
Christine Eckersley
All your teething problems are learning curves that the world can learn from so it's worth it.
It's hit a hurdle because the current government would rather cut its leg off than support renewables, seeing as how the Environment Minister has mining connections and the Energy Minister literally has a vendetta against Wind Farms (spoke at an Alan Jones anti wind farm rally). This creates uncertainty around new developments, as the government seems to be doing everything in its power to support coal generation.

Also the piece very quickly glosses over how most of our electricity grids (ie key infrastructure) is private owned and operated.

Combine these two issues and now you have a very slow and unclear sector in a country that by all rights should be leading the world in renewable energy transition and selling of renewable tech (but nah, let's cut more of the CSIRO budget, when was the last time they made anything useful? No one has even heard of WiFi)
Corey Micallef
Is there any sort of capacity data on the Snowy Hydro 2.0 scheme? I can find data on the target generating capacity but nothing on the joules or Watt-hours it will be able to store. It has to be pretty massive to be worth it.
join the conversation
CO2 is bad enough but I've heard that ME-thane / meth-ane is far worse as a problem for SUPPOSED global warming????
Adan Castaneda
Down Under land
Just saying - these dudes are walking round with hard hat and hi vis. There are no overhead hazards, and no machinery working anywhere. Dumb
Mark Pinnell
Global warming is a fear mongering money grabbing scam. Exit the Paris accord like Trump and build some nuclear plant (preferably MSR) otherwise enjoy your high energy costs and floundering economy.
Piak Piak
I wonder how much waste are produced when they impliment all those solar and wind electric source.
Oil is a valuable resource. It's limited and too valuable to use for transport.
Zhaa Bxghj
Yes 34% is about the capacity factor of wind and solar. That is the real Whr delivered power % vs the nameplate capacity the pollies talk about ahen they give those "enough to power x thousand households" As wind and solar can reduce to zero , they must be backed up by demand dispatchable power, which in Australia means coal, gas, diesel and hydro.

Renewables mean duplication and complexity and the need for grid additions to cater for variability/intermittency. This is why they never reduce costs and have never done so anywhere. A high % of renewables = high energy costs as per Germany, Denmark and South Australia and VIC is working on it.

What really happens at the moment is that coal plant are running flat out. They have no spare capacity to allow transparent downtime for maintenance, thanks to the vandalism of the Weatherill and Andrews governments. They run flat out delivering baseload, gas/diesel/hydro wind up and down in response to the variability of wind and solar.

At 4AM in the morning , with most people asleep and at lowest power demand the East Coast of Australia required 18-20GW of capacity minimum. Your seriously think you are going to do that with wind and solar (and hydro on one of the driest continents on earth)? For gods sake, think people! stop swallowing the BS.
Adonis Top of Men
interesting documentation .......
Heinrich Peter Maria Radojewski Schäfer Leverkusen
Hello, this is Heinz from Germany. I myself
am an electrical engineer in Cologne. I can
only recommend Australia to take a look
at the German strategies and procedures
for the conversion from traditional to
modern energy.

Establish a national supra-regional regulatory
authority for the networks. Establish a
Ministry of Industry and Economy
specifically for the transition and
coordination phase.
Strange actually.... nobody really talks about how stopping the destruction of forests can also help fight global warming.... perhaps cause there is no money in it
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Disruptors: Smart power - BBC News Why Australia’s booming renewable energy 1 day ago   15:33

The push towards renewable energy and the quest for greater efficiency mean that we need to find more ways of storing energy.

This is part of the BBC's Disruptors series.

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